Letters to the Editor

The Lamron’s Official “Letters to the Editor” Rules and Requirements:

  1. All submissions must be up to 300 words long. If they exceed the word limit, The Lamron has the right to shorten the submission to the appropriate length before it is printed.

  2. All submissions must be in response to an article that was published in The Lamron or to comment on a current issue being debated by a governing body – local, regional or national.

      1. The submission must reference the article it is referring to and may include a brief description of said article.

      2. The submission may not be one of the following:

        1. A thank you letter.

        2. Announcements for community events.

        3. Endorsements for political candidates.

  3. All submissions may not be created in order to or contain content that is meant to harass or discriminate against an individual or group of individuals based on race, color, age, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or other protected characteristics. The Lamron reserves the right not to publish the submission if it contains any forms of harassment or discrimination as defined above.

  4. All submissions must be submitted to the opinion editor of The Lamron (lamron.opinion@gmail.com) by 6 p.m. two days before the issue is published (Tuesday).

  5. he submission must be signed by the author and include contact information. Only under special circumstances and with the discretion of the The Lamron can the author’s name be excluded from the letter.

  6. The Lamron reserves the right to edit the submission if it contains grammatical errors or is not consistent with AP style. The submission will also be fact-checked.

  7. The Lamron will print all submissions so long as space allows and the author adheres and accepts these regulations.