Throwback G-Spot: Spice up your sex life this semester

It seems that many college students mark the new semester more as a fresh start than the start of a new year. Students promise themselves that they’ll make the Dean’s List, go to the gym more than twice a week, or try new things when it comes to sex. It’s not actually a bad idea to safely experiment—not only can it relieve stress, but it also can be fun. 

Many students find that they are intrigued by the idea of trying novel sexual concepts, but have no idea where to start. One of the easier ways to experiment sexually is to bring new flavors to the bedroom. Changing up condoms can actually spice up one’s love life, in addition to promoting safe sex. 

From texture to taste, a large variety of condoms exist. Partners can try different flavors together—maybe vanilla is actually the flavor for you when it comes to sex. One can also try different styles of the condoms, as ribbed condoms may bring a fresh sensation to that ‘same old same old’ vibe one gets from regular condoms. Spend a little more time in the condom aisle next time and see what strikes your fancy. 

Furthermore, students should look at other things that interest them when brainstorming for new ideas. For example, roleplaying is widely recommended around campuses. When it comes to roleplaying, find something that both you and your significant other like, and work from there. Many people might find the idea childish, weird or outside their comfort zone, but who knows, you might learn something about yourself or even gain a new level of trust in a relationship through roleplaying. 

Defining your comfort zone before you start is vital so that your partner is keenly aware of how far you are comfortable going. Always remember to take your partner’s comfort level into consideration when trying new things in the bedroom, as well. 

Another way students can spice up things sexually is through Kama Sutra. Despite the relative popularity of Kama Sutra, which has been around for years, many people have yet to use it. The practice brings sex and yoga together to make the activities more interesting. And hey, you can even burn a few calories while you’re at it. 

Students can research Kama Sutra online to find the inspiration they’re looking for. Cosmopolitan published multiple articles regarding the topic, which also includes links to great lists. To add even more variety, you and your partner can both initiate a few new poses to try. 

Don’t forget that Kama Sutra can be very strenuous. It’s important to remain aware of your limits when giving it an attempt. Don’t endeavor to try a position that makes you worry that you may hurt yourself and regret stepping out of your comfort zone in the morning. There can be too much of a great thing. 

Overall, when experimenting and starting this semester off with a “bang,” keep in mind that it’s OK to be open to trying new things—all while never forgetting to establish you and your partner’s comfort zones and to stay safe.