Multitude of choreographed routines contribute variety, intrigue to showcase

Orchesis performed their Spring 2019 Orchesis Showcase at the Riviera from Saturday March 30 to Sunday March 31. Several small groups choreographed their own dances to perform (Udeshi Seneviratne/photo editor).

Geneseo’s largest student organization by number took the stage for their bi-annual showcase of various eclectic student-choreographed dance numbers.

Over 115 students performed in the Orchesis Spring Showcase at the Riviera Theatre from Saturday March 30 to Sunday March 31. From sassy and funky to emotive and deep, each number displayed every student’s individual talent, whether it be through choreography or a general display of dance. 

The dances were distinct in that each performance evoked and portrayed a different emotion. The fun and snarky pieces included “Covergirl,” “Sweetener” and “Hollaback Girl.” Other numbers, such as “Lost Boy,” “To Build a Home” and “Everywhere I Go,” involved student-dancers gracefully leaping across the stage and expressing somber moods matching the music’s tone.

The show ended with a fun and entertaining dance by the e-board members entitled, “10 Year Challenge.” While members who already performed cheered in the back of the auditorium, e-board members danced to throwback songs like Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” 

The organization’s feeling of community was present in each member’s support for one another before, during and after the show.

Orchesis is open to every student on campus, regardless of year, major or skill. Students can join on a semester basis and take part in one dance that they work on every week to perfect and present in the showcase at the end of the semester. 

After a general interest meeting at the beginning of the semester, students sign up to choreograph and or perform in a number and the e-board members attempt to arrange performances based on everyone’s individual preferences, according to Orchesis dance and theater department representative senior Sydney Klein.

Orchesis invites other on-campus dance groups to dance alongside them. In the past, OGX and Knightline were present at the showcase. This year, Bhangra gave two energetic and lively performances.

“We invite other organizations to come in and showcase what Geneseo dance in general is all about, which is great,” Klein said.

Klein, who has been a part of Orchesis for most of her college career, is proud of what her organization has accomplished over the years and at this show. 

“I think all the performances are standouts because they’re all choreographed by students, they’re all performed by students and you can just really see how talented the students are at Geneseo,” Klein said. “But my personal favorite is the e-board dance at the end, we kind of always do something silly with a nice, funny theme and kind of wrap of the show with a light-hearted [number].”

The seniors’ longtime commitment, like Orchesis member seniors Jena Petrocy and Sydney Sheridan, is a testament to how valuable Orchesis is to the members themselves and to the campus community. 

“[I’ve enjoyed] just getting to make new friends and dance with people when I wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise,” Sheridan said.

Petrocy has enjoyed the immense support all the members give and receive during their shows and practices.

“It’s a very fun atmosphere as well,” Petrocy said. “Everyone’s cheering for each other while they’re dancing and I really like it.”

Additionally, for the multiple departing seniors of the club, their last performance illustrated how much of an impact the club has had on their time at Geneseo.

“Ever since [I joined], I either choreographed or been a part of e-board, which has been awesome,” Klein said. “Orchesis runs through my veins, it’s a part of me, so I’m sad to let it go, so I’ll definitely be back for performances.”