Geneseo names alumna Vice President of Finance and Administration

The college hired Julie Buehler to fill the Vice President of Finance and Administration position and she will begin work on July 25. Jim Milroy used to hold the position and retired in November 2017. 

As a Geneseo graduate, Buehler emphasized her connections to Geneseo as part of why she wanted to apply for the position.  

“Being a graduate of Geneseo, I love the area and I love the people,” Buehler said in a phone interview. “Certainly the job is a good fit for my skills. So it seemed like everything was lined up for my be a potential good fit for my job.”

The role of the Vice President of Finance and Administration is to effectively allocate the college’s resources and report directly to President Denise Battles as the Chief Financial Officer and member of the president’s cabinet. The position also serves as the Operations Manager for the Geneseo Research Foundation.

“She brings a unique breadth and depth of higher education experience as well as the ability to build relationships across campus,” Battles said in an email. “All of which will help us enhance our shared vision for the future. I look forward to working with her as she assumes this key leadership role.”

According to the position overview on the college website, the position oversees “budget and planning, human resources, accounting services, internal controls and enterprise risk management, travel services, procurement and property control, mail and printing services, student accounts, Campus Auxiliary Services, environmental health and safety, sustainability and the maintenance and construction of campus facilities.”

Buehler said that the position’s connection to different stakeholders throughout the campus community appealed to her interests. 

 “The more I found about the position, the more enthusiastic I was about it,” Buehler said. “As I met with different people, meeting with students and faculty and staff, I could just see that where the campus was headed and where I was headed were aligned.” 

Buehler has experience with budgeting and planning from her role at Mitrano and Associates, the University of Massachusetts and the University of Rochester. 

Before her position at Mitrano and Associates, Buehler worked with the University of Massachusetts to build a $12 million data center facility and to implement information technology on campus. At the University of Rochester, Buehler also worked to implement information technology policies and programs. 

Battles emphasized Buehler’s varied work history as a factor in her choice. 

“She’s worked in private institutions… but then went on to work in public institutions as well. She has background in accounting and is a CPA, but also has an MBA and has [plenty] of experience in IT,” Battles said in a phone interview. “I think that she’s going to be a marvelous addition to our leadership team.”

Buehler is a member of the Geneseo graduating class of 1989, so she is familiar of the inner workings of the college. She is excited to return to the Geneseo area and to work for the college.

“I know what it’s like being on that campus, I know what it feels like to be worrying about paying tuition bills and buying books on that campus. I was able to bring that forward and that certainly helps when you’re having a conversation with students.”