Buffalo Business First ranks Geneseo in the top 15% of U.S public colleges, 19 out of 73 in eastern public colleges

Geneseo was ranked by Buffalo Business First for 2019 using a 22-part formula, that scored the college 59.9 points out of 100. Part of the scoring critera is resources, which the Intergrated Science Center (pictured above) hosts for students of all majors (Udeshi Seneviratne/ photo Editor).

Geneseo ranked 65th out of 505 public colleges by Buffalo Business First for 2019. The college was also ranked 19th out of 73 eastern public colleges. 

Each college was scored by a 22-part formula that measured selectivity, advancement, prospects, resources, cost, diversity, community and the college’s past. According to Buffalo Business First, Geneseo scored 59.2 points out of 100, which determined its ranking. 

Overall, Geneseo has declined in the ranking compared to last year, when the college ranked 52. Compared to the first ranked college - The University of Michigan - Geneseo has a higher acceptance rate, a higher number of women enrolled and less diversity. 

Based on a statement published on the Geneseo website, Kimberly Harvey, interim Vice President of Enrollment Management, believes that the score reflects Geneseo’s commitment to its students.

“These rankings serve as a reflection of our quality faculty, staff and students,” Harvey said. “Overall, our students have a high-quality educational experience and are well-prepared to begin their careers after graduation.”

Early childhood/childhood education major sophomore Emily Cook said that she believes the ranking is accurate based on the level of education students receive at the college. 

“I feel honored to be going here … I didn’t know that it was ranked that highly across the nation, but it’s exciting,” Cook said. “I think it’s reflective of the level of education and the standards that we have.”

Cook also said that the college should work to improve education and classroom standards at Geneseo. She suggested that classrooms should be smaller and more personal so that students can relate to the information that they are learning in their classes.

“I think that it would be more interesting if they incorporated personal stories [and] made class less about the notes and more about the experience,” Cook said. “I think that’s something that helps people relate to the subject and it is obvious how that subject impacts your life.”

Business administration major junior Madeleine Metcalf said she also believes that this ranking reflects Geneseo and expresses admiration for the college’s high ranking. Metcalf said that she feels challenged in her courses and that there’s always something to do on campus, which is a reason she feels that the college’s ranking is accurate. 

“I definitely feel like we’re pushed in all of our classes to excel,” Metcalf said. “I feel like there’s a really good range of teachers here and we have a really good campus community. There’s always stuff going on, so I just feel like it’s a great campus.”

Regarding steps to take to improve the college’s ranking, Metcalf said she believes that the college is doing the best that it can despite imperfections in certain areas.