Alumni reflects on involvement at Geneseo, influences career path

Leila Sedigh (pictured above) discussed her on-campus involvement during her time at Geneseo and its impact on her career choice. After graduation, Sedigh was admitted to a one-year post-grad rotational program through NBC where she had the opportunity to fully explore the media and entertainment industry (courtesy of Leila Sedigh).

After graduation, everyone hopes to find their dream job, and recent Geneseo graduate Leila Sedigh ’17 found hers. 

Following graduation, Sedigh accepted a job as an NBC Page. The program is a one-year post-grad rotational program for people who are interested in media. Sedigh spent the first three months giving tours of NBC studios. She also worked audience services for various shows such as “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Saturday Night Live.” The next three rotations were split between doing business, content and consumer assignments.  

Sedigh knew early that she wanted a job involving media and entertainment and her coursework and extracurricular activities helped her solidify her career choice. The Page program was a dream job for Sedigh; early on in her college career she knew that she wanted to apply to that program one day. 

 “I learned about the Page program during my time at Geneseo. I was trying to find summer internships. Working in entertainment was something that interested me going into school. While looking at internships I happened to find out about this program and always had it at the back of my mind, especially by the time I got to junior year,” Sedigh said. “When it finally got [to be] time to apply for jobs, I just went for it. The internships I did at Geneseo were helpful and … I got the opportunity to talk to an alum who worked at NBC, which was definitely really helpful. She gave me a better idea of the culture and tips.”

 The experiences and extracurricular activities Sedigh was a part of at Geneseo helped her get to where she is today. Sedigh was a marketing intern for the Career Development office for two years and was also a part of the Geneseo Campus Activities Board, as the music and comedy coordinator for three years. 

 “When I went into a lot of my interviews for the Page program, I talked heavily about all of my experiences at Geneseo. Especially being a part of the Geneseo Activities Board, I got to book musicians and things like that. It was [a] very practical experience, working in entertainment, which was great,” Sedigh said. “I also specifically remember talking about things that I did during my marketing internship during the interview. Every internship and extracurricular I did at Geneseo really shaped me and [they were] the reason why I was able to get the position I have now.”

At NBC, no day is the same. Sedigh is always given a new challenge and constantly learns from her peers. The Page program is designed for graduates to learn all the different facets of NBC. After the year is over, Pages are given a three-month period to apply to jobs within the company. 

“The people here are amazing, I have done three different assignments already and [during] every single one I have worked with people who are just so nice and love what they do, and they are always willing to help people out,” Sedigh said. “The Page program is very historic and so many different Pages are all over the company, it is nice to have that connection. No matter what assignment you go into, chances are you will meet a former Page that is now a full-time employee.”

 Once Sedigh leaves the Page program, she doesn’t know exactly where her career will take her. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in the music industry, and work in managing talent and talent booking.