Staff editiorial: Planning of campus events has been unwise, frustrating for students this semester

As the end of the semester rapidly approaches, campus is busier than ever. Despite the success of previous years, the scheduling of end-of-semester events this year has been lacking, as many important activities overlap or occur too close together.

For example, Geneseo’s largest on-campus event, Relay For Life, is scheduled for April 27 and has been on the calendar since the end of spring 2018. Springfest is planned for the same day. 

Not only does this scheduling force students to choose between conflicting events when they could normally attend both, but it neglects the capacity of the campus. Geneseo is simply not large enough to successfully sustain two massive events at the same exact time.

In addition, thanks to the extension of this year’s intersession, this spring’s final exams extend all the way up until graduation. The week between the end of the semester and graduation, which has traditionally been used for senior events, no longer exists. 

Due to Geneseo’s poor planning and oversight, senior activities such as the bar crawl and formal, have been compacted into just a few days, which is entirely unfair to the graduating class.

It’s a waste of time and money to plan multiple popular events that occur same time or too close to something as important as graduation. Instead, Geneseo should work on planning events earlier in order to avoid conflicting schedules like those of this semester.

While planning campus events takes a lot of thought and preparation, clearly there needs to be more attention to detail. The end of the semester, especially the spring, is supposed to be a time of celebration where students attend the events they’ve looked forward to all year, and they should not be overwhelmed by the multitude of events happening at once.