Invasion of privacy: Senior fully explores love for photography during time at Geneseo

Communication major senior Annalee Bainnson has extensively pursued her passion for photography during her past four years at Geneseo through working as a student photographer and starting her own business. Although Bainnson does not know what her professional future holds, she believes photography will always hold a place in her heart (Catherine White/Editor-in-Chief).

Communication major senior Annalee Bainnson is an aspiring photographer. While she does not plan to pursue a full-time photography career, she believes that she will always feel connected to the hobby. 

Bainnson initially became interested in photography after taking a class in high school. The course made her realize her potential and talent in capturing life’s moments. 

“My senior year of high school, I just needed an elective, so I took a half-year photography course. It was also when I bought my first real camera and it was kind of just like a hobby,” Bainnson said. “I mean that’s how it started, once I came to Geneseo that’s when it actually blossomed into something.”

As an incoming freshman who felt excited to embark on her newest journey, Bainnson remembers scrolling through various Instagram posts associated with Geneseo. 

“Before I came here, I was just really excited like ‘oh cool I’m going to be in this new town’ and I was on Instagram searching Geneseo hashtags and just liking photos. Then I actually liked a few of Keith Walter’s wife’s photos, [the campus photographer],” Bainnson said. “So, [Walter’s wife] reached out to me and she was like, ‘hey, good stuff, when you get here reach out to Keith and see what you can do for him,’ … since then I’ve been working as a student photographer on campus, so I go to basically a bunch of events and photograph stuff.” 

After contacting Walter, Bainnson’s photography journey became eclectic. She reflects on the experience of attending so many school events that she would otherwise not have known about. 

“I liked that I was able to capture details … as far as the Geneseo job goes, there are so many things that I never would have even thought to go to on campus,” Bainnson said. “Doing it has really just shown me a whole other side that I would have completely been missing of the college.”

Even while Bainnson does not plan to pursue a full-time photography career, she does see this as something enjoyable that she does for herself. She currently has her own small business and promotes her photos on social media.

“[I capture] a lot of event portraits, I started weddings last fall which is fun,” Bainnson said. “It’s a lot of word of mouth. I do a lot of advertising on Facebook.”

Bainnson believes that she will continue to love photography and feel that special connection from getting behind the camera.

“I mean, I’ve got a couple of different routes,” Bainnson said. “[Photography will] always be something that is a part of my life.” 

Bainnson’s experience in photography while at Geneseo will definitely help her in future years as passion will always be a transferable trait.