SPOTLIGHT ON: Gabrielle Owen

Communication major senior Gabrielle Owen (pictured above) sings with Between the Lines at the fall invitational hosted by BTL and Emmelodics on Nov. 9. Owen maintains a passion for music as president of BTL (Annalee Bainnson/staff photographer).

Even after a 9 p.m. Sunday night a cappella rehearsal, communication major senior Gabrielle Owen projects kindness, positivity and warmth. As the president of Geneseo’s all-gender a cappella group Between the Lines, Owen assumes plenty of responsibilities, yet still finds time for the things she loves.

Owen dedicates herself to several things on campus, but BTL is her pride and joy. Owen has been interested in music since she was younger. Outside of school, Owen practiced singing and playing piano as a child. 

She learned to play the flute in fourth grade and then eventually joined her high school a cappella group. Her favorite musical artists include Taylor Swift, John Mayer and Betty Who.

“My top hobby would be anything music related,” Owen said. “I’m always listening to music.”

Owen went to Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. for her first year of college to study the music business but eventually decided the discipline wasn’t right for her. So, she transferred to Geneseo due to its close proximity to her hometown in Rochester. From there, she joined Between the Lines because of her love for singing and a cappella groups. 

Before Owen became president of BTL, she was a dedicated member. 

“I really wanted to be more involved and put more time and energy into this group that I love so much,” Owen said. “It’s comprised of such wonderful human beings, and they’re all extremely talented.”

As one might in other organizations, Owen has found plenty of friends through Between the Lines. 

“One of the reasons I love Between the Lines is because it’s a place where people can come and make music together, you can meet people and really get to know them,” Owen said. “A lot of my close relationships have come from the group.”

Performing with BTL is another highlight of Owen’s experience with the a cappella group. 

“My favorite part about performing with [BTL] is having the opportunity to connect with the audience in a meaningful way because of all of the hard work we have put into the music,” Owen said. “There’s this palpable energy while we’re performing that just makes me so proud to be a part of the group.”

Owen is particularly passionate about an upcoming a cappella concert featuring BTL. Each year, the Geneseo a cappella groups hold a special concert that raises money for a specific charity organization.

“This concert, we’re [all] raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,” Owen said. “That’s an important charity to the a cappella group.”

Because so many students are constantly struggling with mental illness, it’s important to Owen that the college recognizes the pressing issue. Owen is also passionate about destigmatizing mental illness.

By holding this concert, students and attendees will be prompted to feel less discomfort regarding mental illness and will hopefully be more inclined to reach out for help for themselves or those around them. The concert is on Friday March 8 at 6:30 p.m. in Wadsworth Auditorium. 

Outside of her musical expertise, Owen can be found at her job as a Marketing Intern for the Department of Career Development, hanging out with her friends in her sorority, Sigma Kappa, or sipping a vanilla chai latte in Sweet Arts Bakery on Main Street.