Geneseo must expand, simplify dining options for people with specific dietary restrictions

Geneseo prides itself on its abundance of food options, specifically for people with dietary restrictions. In fact, Geneseo’s apparent abundance of options is so coveted that it is highlighted on campus tours for perspective freshmen. 

In reality, the food selection for people with dietary restrictions on campus is severely limited and Geneseo must actively work to resolve this issue. 

While there are vegan and vegetarian options available at nearly every dining hall, ingredients run out quickly and there are no viable replacements available. Campus Auxiliary Services must prepare for this in advance and have surplus ingredients in order to keep vegan and vegetarian options open for the duration of the dining hall’s hours. 

In addition, students with dietary restrictions are often charged more for their meals than students who are not limited. 

Even though this can logically be explained, considering ingredients such as tofu often cost more to produce, it does not make it fair for these students. If they are going to be charged the same amount as students without dietary restrictions, then there should be the same number of options available.

Perhaps the one thing that Geneseo has gotten right is the ability to speak to the Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator about dietary concerns. Still, as helpful as this might be, merely speaking about the limited dining options for people with dietary restrictions is not going to expand them. 

If Geneseo wants to continue bragging about its dietarily inclusive campus, it must actively expand the number of selections and should do what it can to simplify the system for those with dietary restrictions.