SPOTLIGHT ON: Miranda Calarco

Biology musical theater double major senior Miranda Calarco has remained dedicated to her studies while taking part in musicals and joining eboards of various clubs. Calarco will perform in her senior recital on Sunday March 31 at 12:30 in Doty Recital Hall (courtesy of Miranda Calarco).

College is time-consuming and busy for every student, but especially for senior Miranda Calarco. The biology and musical theater double major somehow finds time outside of her rigorous course load to be involved in the artistic side of student life.  

From freshmen year, Calarco has had to take more than 20 credits nearly every semester in order to manage this unique double major. She jokes about how some days she would go from organic chemistry to a dance class immediately after, but that is part of why this double major is so important to her. 

Freshmen year was a tough time for Calarco, who doubted if she could really pull off this course load.

“I just take one day at a time,” Calarco said. “I always come out in the end.” 

While many people enjoy biology and musical theater, Calarco is the only person in her graduating class with this specific double major, which doesn’t make her life any less social. Whether it’s through performing or being part of crew, she is always involved in Geneseo musicals. 

As impressive as her academics are on their own, Calarco’s schedule is even more impressive when her extracurricular activities are included. She takes pride in also being the vice president of Italian culture club and the secretary of fishing club. 

“I’m always a busy person,” Calarco said. “I like dipping my toes in other things.” 

Academically, she has participated in research alongside assistant professor of biology Josephine Reinhardt for two years. The research involves meiotic drive as it relates specifically to stalk-eyed flies. This is a product of Calarco’s interest in biology. After graduation, Calarco plans on taking a summer long MCAT prep course before taking the test in August. She then wants to apply to medical school with a focus in pediatrics but will keep an open mind and see what interests her most before making any permanent decisions. 

Calarco has always been involved in a variety of activities, even in high school. She was very music-oriented, participating in both chorus and band until she didn’t have enough time and had to pick chorus. Obviously, she worked on the musicals in her high school as well. 

“I don’t know if I have a problem saying no, or [if] I just like being involved in everything as much as possible,” Calarco said. 

Calarco was involved in sports before college but couldn’t fit it all in, although she maintains this interest at Geneseo by involving herself in intramurals like broomball. Calarco has a senior recital on Sunday March 28 at 12:30 in Doty Recital Hall. The recital is a big deal to all music majors, but Calarco sees it in a different light. Music will always be part of her, but she isn’t pursuing it as a career. 

“I don’t know when the next time [I’ll] be on stage will be,” Calarco said. “It means more to me to also just relish in that moment.” 

It’s a bittersweet time for Calarco, but she is grateful to be able to perform for her family and friends here who became her family. Calarco manages to stay busy and enjoy her life but is thankful for all the support she gets from friends, family and staff to continue on with her difficult career path.