Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor,

Urban Dictionary defines “slut” as “a disgrace to all women … someone who sleeps around,” and “stud” as “slang for someone very attractive … basically a badass.” Though Urban Dictionary is not a source for technical definitions, it may be used as an indicator of modern cultural perceptions. In the March 14 issue of this publication, an Op-Ed implied that the word “slut” is a valid characterization of 21st century women with multiple sexual partners. The Op-Ed went on to insinuate that “stud” is a title earned by men who have sex with multiple women because men have to “put more effort into getting laid, [while women] only [have] to ask.” 

There is a lot wrong with this conclusion. For one, the concept that men of today are still expected to make the first move in a relationship is incredibly outdated. With modern dating technology—like apps such as Tinder or Bumble—there’s proof that women have no qualms about asking men on dates when interested. Moreover, if a person finds that they are asking for dates “a second, third and fourth time” with no reciprocation from their prospective partner, maybe they should just take no for an answer. 

Dating is a two-way street, based on mutual and enthusiastic consent. Partners should respect one another and the choices they make. Women are not simply objects for men to earn. Speaking of which, this entire Op-Ed was based on heteronormative constructions and assumes that all men want to sleep with women and that all women want to sleep with men. We should be more aware of ancient stereotypes that continue to permeate this society and work to eliminate, not perpetuate them. 

-History and American studies double major sophomore Katherine Peter and English major sophomore Madelyn Dewey