Fashion Column: Bold colors, statement pieces likely to bloom this spring season

Correction: This article was originally attributed to Isabelle Orlando in the March 28 print edition. This article was written by Jaylen Martinez. We apologize for the mistake.

As spring and sunshine approach, our minds shift from parkas and snow boots to skirts and khaki shorts. Although most of us are anxious to finally lay out on the college green to tan or play frisbee, our minds may skip to the latest spring trends. 

This spring, hunt for an array of fun and bold colors. Different hues of golden yellow, bright orange and lime green are making their way into the fashion world. Not only are neon colors the new rave, but pale yellows and pastels are also popular and add a pop of color. 

Utility dressing is also popular this spring. Cargo pants, khaki-patch pocket suits and cotton drill jumpsuits offer a sophisticated yet comfortable look. Other sophisticated looks are chino pants and double-breasted suits, which are stylish and make a good impression. This time around look for faux leather animal or camo print bottoms for a fun and unique look, fresh off of the runway.

On the other hand, thigh-high boots and stilettos are last season looks. Instead, opt for platform and hiking sandals to add a casual flair to a fun daytime outfit. Ruffles and oversized jackets are also outdated. This spring calls for form-fitting, sophisticated, colorful looks. 

As far as beauty trends, a blunt, A-line bob and feathered layers are popular this spring. Bardot bangs or front bangs that split in the middle offer a refreshing and youthful look. Hair colors are more exotic with rose gold and faded pastel shades making their way to the runway and amongst celebrities. 

Bold shades are also making their way to the market. Eyeshadows like neon pinks and yellows are often paired with bright, neon-colored outfits. Sweet, florally scents are also a great addition to the bright, spring attire. Marks & Spencer “Sea Salt & Freesia” perfume is a refreshing sea breeze fragrance with notes of green pear sea salt and citrus. Dolce and Gabbana’s “The Only One 2” has accents of coffee, blackberry and patchouli. Not only will this fragrance make you smell great, but you will also feel your best. Patchouli oil has various health benefits as it is increasingly popular and boosts the immune system. 

Popular and attainable nail colors this spring are Essie’s “Bodice Goddess,” a neutral purple-pink color and Jinsoon’s “Charme,” a fun and bright lemon-lime color, perfect for all skin tones. Other fun and fashionable colors include lilac, daffodil yellows and corals. Any bright, fun colors are a necessary staple to this year’s popular and colorful springtime looks. 

This spring calls for statement pieces that make you look and feel your best. Choose pieces that work for you and experiment with other styles that you enjoy. Overall, you want a fun and exciting look to match the bright and sunny weather.