College plans to renovate some residence halls over summer 2019

Ontario Residence Hall (picured above) is one of many residence halls being renovated in the near future. Almost all residence halls, with the exception of Monroe, are in need of renovation and repair as many have not been updated in a long time (Josie Kwan/ Assoc. photo editor).

The college has decided to conduct major renovations on most residence halls over the summer, except for Monroe Hall. 

Director of Student Life Chip Matthews explains that the residence buildings are old and need major repairs, but conducting large-scale renovations can be difficult, given the flow of students. 

“We … need to shut a building down, completely redo it, just like we did with Monroe,” Matthews said.

Assistant Director of Student Life for Housing Operations Taylor Gale explained some of the major renovations that will take place in the residence halls. One of the biggest changes is that the carpets will be removed from the bedrooms and living rooms of the Saratoga Townhouses and replaced with hardwood flooring. 

“I mean the carpet’s 15 years old, and so it was time to be replaced,” Gale said. “And they were looking at options that would be a little bit more aesthetically pleasing but also … last longer.”

On Southside, the residence halls of Suffolk, Wayne and Nassau will receive new windows. Gale says that the college is excited about this change because, “it will make those buildings a lot more energy-efficient and it will probably change the outward appearance of those buildings a lot.”

On Northside, Livingston and Wyoming will replace their lobby furniture so that the lobbies are more aesthetically pleasing for students. Allegany and Steuben will renovate their elevator systems so that the buildings are more accessible for students.  

“It will also certainly help for move-in day,” Gale said. “Those elevators are a little rough to use sometimes in their current state, so we’re excited about that change.”

Matthews explained that the stonework done in Genesee will be replicated in other residence halls. Moreover, the college will add fireplaces and gas inserts to certain residence halls so the fireplaces can be turned on with a switch. 

Matthews also stated that the locks will be changed in the residence halls campus-wide, which is a usual procedure. 

English major freshman Kayla Kenny is a resident of Suffolk Hall and believes that the windows are inefficient. Kenny argues, however, that heating is another major problem in Suffolk that is not being addressed.

“Currently, the windows are inefficient as most of the time they will barely open at all,” Kenny said. “[But] Suffolk Hall needs to install a better heating system that allows the students to adjust it to their needs.”

English adolescent education major sophomore Sarah Townsend believes that the renovations are necessary to provide a clean and safe community on campus. Townsend thinks that new locks will be beneficial to students living on campus, especially after the burglaries in the Saratoga Townhouses earlier in the year.

“Up-to-date buildings ensure the safety and security of the students who choose to live on-campus within their years at SUNY Geneseo,” Townsend said. “As students, we should not have to be afraid or worried about how clean our living environments are.”