Celebrity endorsement of harmful weight-loss products must end

Out of all the reality shows, spin-offs and scandals in the world, there isn’t a family more polarizing than the Kardashians. They’re both loved and hated—aggressively. 

They’ve had their scandals, but there’s no denying that these ladies mean business—just look at the empire of cosmetics and fashion they’ve built. Nevertheless, despite their hard work, there is one aspect that must end: the Kardashian endorsement of harmful weight-loss products. 

Just last week, Khloe Kardashian posted an Instagram photo promoting a weight-loss product called Flat Tummy Tea. It’s no secret that Kardashian has struggled with body image issues for a long time. 

Growing up, people would call Kardashian the “fat, funny one” in comparison to her older sisters, but in the past couple of years, she’s undergone a huge transformation. She made a lifestyle change toward healthy eating and fitness habits, and based on her workout videos, she’s a beast in the gym. 

She’s constantly preaching how fitness and healthy eating  changed her life, both physically and mentally. So, for someone who has struggled with her own body for so long, and then found a way to love it through an actual healthy routine, promoting weight-loss tea just doesn’t add up. 

There’s no way Kardashian uses this product herself. She has top of the line trainers and chefs and she had an amazing fitness transformation that took place over time. There were no quick-fixes, flat tummy teas or appetite suppressing lollipops. 

That’s what makes her endorsement so confusing. She has the personal experience to understand body-image issues, and has the platform to encourage safe and healthy solutions. 

Sure, Flat Tummy Tea is probably paying her a generous amount of money to promote the product, but just take a look at any of the Kardashian sisters’ net worth—they don’t need a check from Flat Tummy Tea. 

If someone wanted to defend Kardashian, maybe they could say she’s just confused. She could genuinely believe it’s just tea—which is great for you, but this product is not just tea, and Kardashian is not that oblivious. 

This product is essentially a laxative disguised as a tea. It is not FDA approved, and some of the side effects include dehydration, stomach pains and risk of liver, kidney and colon problems. 

Laxatives are often abused by people with eating disorders. By disguising them in innocent looking teas and shakes, Flat Tummy Tea products are making these harmful laxatives more accessible and easier to conceal.

Thankfully, someone in the public eye is speaking out against this dangerous promotion. Actress and activist Jameela Jamil left a long and thoughtful comment on Kardashian’s post, explaining the dangers she was putting her followers in by promoting this product. 

Jamil listed side effects of the tea and pointed out how Kardashian most likely does not even use it. Jamil ended her comment by warning Kardashian not to “hurt other girls the way you have been hurt.”

Jamil’s body positive activism doesn’t end there—she’s rightfully outspoken and quick to call out anyone who promotes harmful products and ideals. 

Her second Instagram account, @i_weigh, is a haven for self-love. Users submit pictures and weigh themselves with their life experiences and qualities rather than in pounds or kilograms. The account radiates positivity, and everyone should check it out, whether they are struggling with body issues or not. 

 This type of zeal is exactly what Kardashian should be striving to emulate on her own social media accounts. Rather than waste time endorsing harmful weight-loss products that she doesn’t even use, she could use her platform to preach body positivity and self-love.