Invasion of Privacy: Passionate student Cate Gluchowski explores activities outside comfort zone

Cate Gluchowski is an involved Geneseo student and juggles life as a student athlete, while also being a member of Royal Lady Knights. Gluchowski urges first-year students to become involved on campus in order to open new doors and meet new people (Udeshi Seneviratne/photo editor).

Sociology major sophomore Cate Gluchowski is an avid member of Geneseo’s tennis team, as well as a member of local sorority Royal Lady Knights. She has found her own healthy, happy balance between her involvement in various Geneseo activities and clubs as well as in her academic career. 

In her two years as a student at Geneseo, Gluchowski has devoted much of her time to RLK as well as the tennis team, where she holds the position of being both a doubles and a singles player. 

“Tennis takes up a lot of my time, in the sense of dedication, but I’d say RLK is a big part of my social life,” Gluchowski said. “The tennis team here, I love it. It gets me moving and it gets me out, and I love a lot of girls on the team. But definitely joining a sorority like RLK brought me to another group of people.” 

Through both tennis and RLK, Gluchowski has developed strong bonds with girls who she otherwise would not have encountered. 

Despite referring to herself as being on the shyer side, through her extracurricular involvement, Gluchowski has remarkably emerged from her shell. She encourages freshmen and other incoming students to step outside of their comfort zones through extracurricular involvements.

“Even if you’re shy … don’t be afraid to just try,” Gluchowski said. “There’s no harm in really just trying out, or just rushing, or signing up to join a club. There’s the chance that you can always meet just one person.”

Gluchowski has taken her own advice and is in the process of trying to start a skating club. She encourages students to pursue what they love, just as she is doing. 

“I’m trying to start a skating club here at Geneseo. Not just skateboarding, but like roller skating, longboarding, any form of skating,” Gluchowski said. “I’m not even good at it … it’s just so much fun to even just try.” 

Through her passion and dedication to extracurriculars and academics, Gluchowski’s message can help to both encourage and inspire students of the college to break out of their shells and try something new.