Club Profile: Society for Human Resources Management

With over 200 student clubs and activities on campus, there are bound to be some unique ones, and Society for Human Resources Management is one of them. SHRM is an organization that hosts many events for students in the School of Business, holds panels for all of campus and competes in a statewide competition.

“SHRM is a great way to connect with local businesses as well as alumni that come to speak about human resources,” SHRM Vice President junior Dillon Medd said. “There aren’t any classes specifically about human resources, so it is great to learn about the workplace in a nontraditional classroom setting.” 

Business administration major senior Alex Andreoli is the president of the club and has been involved in SHRM since his freshman year. He thinks it’s a great organization, especially since it gave him the opportunity to take on a leadership role. 

SHRM hosts many events throughout the year, including fundraisers, panel discussions and charity events. They will also hold a canned food drive this semester.

The club went to a statewide case competition last April. They were emailed a case file about a week before the competition and had to identify the problems in the case and come up with a solution. They won the entire competition and the team will be going again to compete this April, according to Andreoli.

 “I am looking forward to our annual case competition coming up in April at St. John Fisher College where we look to repeat as champions,” Medd said.

The club is structured differently than other clubs in that there are five committees. At the beginning of the year, the president is sent a list of Merit Award objectives, and these objectives get broken down into the five committees. 

Each committee works on the objectives throughout the year, and after the objectives are completed, SHRM sends the paper back to see if they won the Merit Award.

“We have all of these different committees and the objectives are broken down into these committees, so they all know what they’re responsible for,” Andreoli said.

Despite a misconception that this club is only for certain majors, SHRM welcomes everyone who is interested.

“A lot of people think this club is just for business majors, but it’s a great opportunity for people in psych, for people in communication, English majors, really anything like that, because there’s so many different elements of it,” Andreoli said. “There’s definitely spots for people in majors other than business administration.”