Invasion of Privacy: An inside look at the SUNY Geneseo Memes Instagram account

The SUNY Geneseo Memes Instagram account has become an increasingly popular social media account among the student body. The daily content is both relatable and also reflects the life of a student at Geneseo (courtesy of instagram).

Many Geneseo students have recently stumbled upon the SUNY Geneseo Memes account on Instagram. This account, which has undoubtedly risen in its popularity among the Geneseo student body—as evidenced by its more than 3,000 followers— is run by a student who prefers to keep their identity anonymous. 

The creator of the account explained in an email interview the reason why this social media page was initially created; it seemed that posting humorous memes about Geneseo was the best way to alleviate academic stress. 

“My classes started to get stressful and I wanted to be able to make jokes about the school to feel better, but if I posted jokes about drinking, the urge to hit the [bear] fountain and President Battles under my name, I didn’t want it to come back and haunt me,” they said. “Then, I remembered a page I used to follow called @Syracuse_Memes from two years ago and I realized that I could make something like that.”

The user claims that this page has only received positive feedback from its followers, as they said, “I have not yet received hate and luckily everyone has been really excited and positive about the page so far.”

To add, the student expressed their excitement about having so many followers; the thousands of followers was an unexpected surprise. 

“[I did not expect to have so many followers] at all. I thought I’d get at most 25 people following me and it would be my own joke I kept to myself,” they said. “It’s a bit scary that I have almost 3,000 followers.”

The student explained the process of finding memes and posting them. At the beginning stage of making the account, the student made their own memes through an application. But, as the page progressively became more popular, students began to send submissions to the account.

“At first it was me posting my own content using the app ‘Mematic,’” they said. “But as the page got more and more popular people started to DM me submissions and I try to post those before my own.”

When asked about what they intend for the future of this account, the student expressed eagerness to continue the development of the account up until their graduation. 

“Sadly, I am not a senior and I won’t be graduating anytime soon,” they said. “So I plan to keep the page going while school is in session. Maybe by next year SUNY Geneseo will follow me.”