Humans of Geneseo

Denna Steltzer is a CAS employee who has worked at Geneseo for five years. She has various skills as an employee, as she is tasked with being a cashier and stocking food (Leila Sassouni/knights’ life editor).

“I think the one thing that I would want to share with other people, maybe as inspiration, is that I didn’t have the best of childhoods. Way back when, when I was growing up, my parents didn’t do the best of raising me. But I think overall, I’ve overcome that, but in different ways. It was very hard growing up for me, but I think I conquered college and then I conquered even an internship. I’m so proud of myself because you can overcome anything, no matter what it is … My message would be, to all college students and everybody everywhere, don’t ever give up on your dreams. Don’t ever give up on faith in yourself, because you can overcome anything, and I think that’s what I would share with people if I could ever share anything. Just never ever give up. Always put your dreams first and make sure that you’re working hard and doing everything you can to pursue them because, in the end, you’re always going to win. You’re always going to come out on top if you work hard and if you persevere.”