Dublin Corners Tap Room now open on Main Street

The Dublin Corners Farm Brewery opened a taproom on Main Street where they will offer ten different brews on tap, eight of which are locally brewed (Xavier Delcid/ Photo Editor).

Main Street welcomed its newest business on Saturday Sept. 28 when the Dublin Corners Farm Brewery opened the doors of its Geneseo taproom at 116 Main Street. Opening day brought locals and students alike to check out Geneseo’s exciting new drinking establishment.

Dublin Corners has ten different brews on tap and the selection will rotate frequently. Eight of the beers are brewed by the company itself, with a guest tap dedicated to promoting other local breweries and a tap dedicated to local ciders.

Owned and operated by husband and wife Justin and Heather Grant, Dublin Corners is Livingston County’s first brewery. 

The tap room’s owners are looking to fill a different role in older students’ lives; it closes at 9 or 10 p.m. on weekends, depending on the day, according to Heather Grant. 

“We’re definitely not catered to the late-night partiers … [we’re targeting] older college students that don’t want necessarily a big, wild party scene but would rather have a quieter night out,” Heather Grant said. “It’s definitely a different thing we’re providing besides the bars.”

After operating at their primary location in the rural town of York, the couple felt it was time to expand to a more populated location. 

“Probably ten [or] 12 years ago now my husband started home brewing. We just grew some pumpkins for fun on the side of the road,” Heather Grant said. “Well, that turned into ‘I want to grow hops,’ so we delved into that and the pumpkins kind of went away and the hops took over. When the farm brewery license came about … we said, ‘okay let’s do it, we’re going to try for a brewery.’” 

Because of its vibrant student life, supportive business community and a personal history with the town, Geneseo was a perfect choice for the brewery’s second location, according to the Grants. The couple met at the Idle Hour and the town is where they regularly come to do their shopping.

“One of the benefits of the farm brewery license, which is what we have, is that you can open five other branch locations. So, when we initially applied for that license that was kind of in the back of our heads, like ‘oh that would be cool to have another spot in a busier, more populated area,” Heather Grant said.

Heather Grant noticed a decrease in Geneseo’s bar scene and feels that the tap room can help diversify it. 

“It seems like there’s been a little bit of a rash of closings. There used to be a lot more bar places when I was in college here, like the IB, the Vital Spot, places like that, so we thought it might be a good fit,” Heather Grant said. 

The Dublin Corners brewery provides the couple with the opportunity to make a living together while doing something they love.

“It’s fun, we talk about it all the time,” Heather Grant said. “Before we even got into this, one of our favorite things was to travel and go to different breweries. That’s just one of our passions, so it’s been cool.” 

The new business provides older students with an opportunity to experience beers that differ from what is available at other local establishments.

“I’m excited for an opportunity to try some nicer beers at a location so close to campus,” physics major senior Corey Tirone said.

Physics major senior Sean King said he, like Tirone, is excited about the new addition to Main Street.

“I think the taproom introduces a new breed of drink,” King said. “Craft beers are more exciting than what I’m used to drinking at the bars.”