Technology creates more complexity in modern dating environment

We live in an era that has made communication so easy, yet so hard at the same time. Technology, such as cellphones and computers, has made us able to send a text, tweet, Snapchat, or direct message in seconds. Our smartphones are glued to our hands every moment of every day.

The increased usage of technology for communication has had a huge impact on the modern dating field; nothing is cut and dry anymore. This isn’t the 1950s anymore where the boy was expected to call the girl on her landline and ask her on a proper date. Times have definitely changed, but it is unclear if it’s for better or for worse.

The modern norms for dating, especially online, have developed as we’ve grown into them. Dating apps like Tinder or Bumble have become widely popular amongst young single people. It’s estimated that nearly 50 million people use the Tinder app every day, with one billion total swipes a day, according to The New York Times.

These apps are algorithms that supposedly help you find the love of your life. This is a little disconcerting being that it desensitizes main facets of dating, like talking to someone face to face. 

With the growing use of apps like Tinder, the phrases “swipe right” and “swipe left” have become colloquial terms. If you’re not aware, swiping right means you’re interested in the person you see on your screen—only seeing their face, name, age and whatever they choose to disclose in their bio—and swiping left means they’re not the one for you.

In fact, online dating in general has propagated a whole spectrum of vocabulary words popularized by common tendencies that occur on these apps. HuffPost lifestyle reporter Brittany Wong helps educate readers on dating trends like curving, ghosting and catfishing. 

Curving or getting curved is another way of saying that you rejected someone, whether it be by ignoring the person’s message or directly telling them you’re not interested. Ghosting is when the person you’re talking to randomly stops talking to you and essentially disappears without a trace. 

The term “catfish” has become popular due to the film and television show by the same name. To be catfished is when someone lures you into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona. 

Online dating has caused  many new problems. Although you can meet new people that you might’ve never met otherwise, it almost makes talking to people too easy, having to juggle numerous dating prospects at once. This  makes terms like “getting ghosted” so popular; there’s millions of other fish in the sea so people either get bored or find someone else.

It’s apparent that modern online dating trends have their positives and negatives, but they also leave a ton of room for ambiguity. But who knows, maybe you’ll find your soul mate by simply swiping right.