Invasion of Privacy: Local proprietor reputable for dependability among student tenants

Mark Scoville (pictured above) has been involved with Geneseo real estate since 2002 and owns many student rentals and local businesses. Scoville recently bought and renovated a car garage on the corner of Wadsworth Street where many students go for auto repairs (Elizabeth Gellman/staff writer).

Landlord to over 140 Geneseo students, Mark Scoville is well-known among the Geneseo community for being a reliable and friendly owner. Scoville owns 52 Geneseo units in total, including many that are close to campus. 

Scoville grew up in Geneseo where he graduated high school and went on to study hospitality at the University of Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI. Upon graduation, he followed his father’s footsteps into the real estate business where he has worked ever since. 

In addition to multiple Court Street homes, Scoville owns the apartment complex with 20 rental units on 42 Court St., many properties on Main Street—including Mamma Mia’s and Sweet Arts Bakery—and homes on North Street, South Street and Avon Road. 

He has led many restoration projects in Geneseo including The Village Tavern, which was closed for five years before his 2010 renovations, and Mamma Mia’s, which he restored in 2015. 

Scoville prides himself for offering safe, clean apartments with an ideal proximity to campus. 

Scoville works hard to ensure that students have a clean living environment. For example, at his 42 Court St. property, he has a four-person staff to maintain the grounds like mowing the lawns, trimming bushes and keeping apartment hallways clean. He also is always available for his students’ individual housing-related needs. 

“I’m a ‘professor,’” Scoville said.  “I teach them how to live on their own [through helping students with appliances].”  

Scoville has been doing full-time real estate in Geneseo since 2002. 

“My favorite part about the business is meeting and building a relationship with the students, and then seeing them at alumni weekends,” Scoville said.

Scoville’s newest project is the Harris Garage at 2 Wadsworth St., conveniently located right next to campus and down the street from Milne Library. 

He bought the garage in April and restored the building which has been in business since 1964. The garage serves students’ auto repair needs including offering inspections, oil changes and brake repair. 

“Jim and Leo have been working at the garage for many years and lead a knowledgeable, friendly staff,” Scoville said. “Students should come on in for their car repair needs.”  

Students show high demand for Scoville’s rentals, as his properties for the following school year are all leased by the end of September each year. He loves his job and prides himself on his tenants’ satisfaction with their living arrangements and his strong relationships with the Geneseo community.