Helpful hints for managing money during college

Everyone has undoubtedly heard the term ‘broke college kid.’ In fact, most undergraduates have probably even used this term to describe themselves. If you relate to this saying, here are some ways to save money that may help.

Hitha Herzog from U.S. News and World Report gives some beneficial money tips for college students. Following some of Herzog’s suggestions might cause less financial stress.  

• Make a budget: This is one of the most important steps to saving

money. You can budget weekly, monthly or even for the whole se-

mester—whatever works best for you and your finances. The crucial

part of this step is to only budget for what you need. 

• Separate your needs expenses from your wants expenses: This is

equally important in order to save money. Do you really need that

second Starbucks latte for today? Or is it just a want? You can always

budget in some extra money for fun; however, if your main goal is to

save money, it is best to stick to the essentials. 

• Get a credit card: “In 2012, 70 percent of undergraduate students

had at least one credit card,” according to the International Journal of

Business and Social Science. While this step may seem more danger-

ous than helpful, it is actually an important time in our lives to start

building credit. Start using your credit card to pay for small things

like gas, but make sure to always pay it off. Your future self will thank