Long-time student writer to seize editor-in-chief role for next academic year

Incoming editor-in-chief junior Catherine White has been involved with The Lamron since her freshman year. White has held multiple positions within The Lamron throughout her college career and attributes her growth as a writer and increase in confidence to her time spent with the organization (Annalee Bainnson/outgoing photo editor).   

English literature and communication double major junior Catherine White has flourished while working on The Lamron since her freshman year. Now ready to assume the position of editor-in-chief, White is thrilled to play a larger role in developing the newspaper. 

White grew up in Dobbs Ferry, New York and applied to Geneseo after receiving encouragement from her sister. When White visited the campus, she fell in love with the English program and the small-town environment. 

“It was really the English program and I liked Main Street and how it was right next door, and obviously the sunsets,” White said. “It just felt like the community and the size of it was very comfortable.” 

While working on The Lamron, White said her confidence in herself and her writing skills have grown since her first day. White originally felt uncomfortable having other people read her work, but she pushed herself to write articles and soon began to enjoy seeing her name in print. 

The Lamron staff saw White’s capabilities shine through, as she was eventually promoted from staff writer to assistant arts and entertainment editor in her freshman year and staff writer to arts and entertainment editor in her junior year. 

Becoming more comfortable as arts and entertainment editor this year pushed her to run for editor-in-chief, White said. 

“It’s really made me grow in the confidence of myself and trusting that my work is valuable and that my ideas are valuable, just the first day to even now,” White said. 

White is thrilled at the increased opportunity she will have to lead The Lamron staff next year. When serving as editor-in-chief, White said she will attempt to create a collaborative environment by fostering and promoting all staff members’ ideas. 

White similarly wants to increase how much The Lamron engages with its audience. For example, White plans to bring back The Lamron’s letter-to-the-editor section. Additionally, White would like to create more interactive columns similar to the paper’s “Inquiring Photographer,” such as a weekly poll, and increase The Lamron’s presence online.

White said she will always treasure The Lamron’s late production nights when the staff puts the paper together. She has enjoyed laughing over “stupid things” at 2 a.m. and her computer’s ever-persistent rainbow wheel. 

Outside of The Lamron, White works in the Department of Career Development as a marketing intern. White also loves writing creatively in her free time, rapping songs from one of her favorite musicals, “Hamilton” and watching the Star Wars movies.  

In the future, White hopes to pursue a marketing career in either the entertainment or sports industry. 

No matter where White’s future leads her, she’s sure to find success. 

White is excited for the possibilities she will have when serving as editor-in-chief and she is looking forward to playing a role in the process of making The Lamron.  

“I’ve been with The Lamron since my first meeting freshman year, and to grow with it and see it grow is something that I’ve really enjoyed through my entire career here at Geneseo,” White said. “I think being able to be in such a pivotal role of The Lamron as editor-in-chief is so important to me because this is the biggest organization that I’ve been involved with on-campus and now I have a really big say with what goes out."