Annual GREAT Day exhibit represents works from students with various artistic backgrounds

“GREAT Battle of the Artists” opened in the Kinetic Gallery in the MacVittie College Union on April 3. The display features submitted works from students of multiple disciplines like business administration major senior Julia Tannenbaum (pictured top) and communication major junior Udeshi Seniverante (pictured bottom). Viewers of the gallery are encouraged to vote for their favorite pieces, and the winner which will be announced on Geneseo Recognizes Excellence Achievement and Talent Day on Tuesday April 17. (Annalee Bainnson/Photo  Editor)

Every year, any Geneseo student is eligible to apply for the “GREAT Battle of the Artists” competition. The competition emphasizes the artistic abilities and talent of students, regardless of their major. 

The Kinetic Gallery in the MacVittie College Union began hosting the gallery on April 3 and will continue to until Geneseo Recognizes Excellence, Achievement and Talent Day on Tuesday April 17. 

GREAT Day is designed to encourage students to display their various skills and strengths. “GREAT Battle of the Artists” achieves just that goal.

Geneseo Campus Activities Board Arts & Exhibits Coordinator senior Dowon Hwang put the show together in partnership with GREAT Day Coordinator Patty Hamilton-Rogers and psychology major senior Megan Grant, according to Hwang. 

This competition accepts up to three multimedia art pieces from any student. Both faculty and students via ballots will judge these works. The winners of the contest will be announced on GREAT Day. 

The atmosphere of the opening night at the Kinetic Gallery was social and relaxed. Gaggles of students hovered around the various photos, paintings and drawings to admire the work of fellow students and ask questions to the artists who were present.

Business administration major senior Julia Tannenbaum was asked a lot about her work in particular. Tannenbaum’s art focuses on two and three-dimensional manipulation of photography and film. She submitted three pieces into the competition and will showcase more of her work on GREAT Day. 

The first piece incorporates      elements of New York City’s Central Park into one scene, the second features the entire life cycle of a plant and the third is a portrait of her uncle before he faced stage-four leukemia.

Tannenbaum will display a virtual art gallery on GREAT Day along with these images.

“I’ve never displayed my art at school. I’m building a virtual-reality art gallery called ‘Living Locally,’ and this is portraiture of all the local businesses I’ve worked with over the past four years, as well as a few surprise guests like professors who I’ve become close with,” Tannenbaum said. “It’s been really cool because I didn’t have the gallery space, so I built it myself.” 

Communication major sophomore Sonia Bartolomeo and psychology and English double major sophomore Jenna Coburn also particpated in the competition. Bartolomeo and Coburn worked together to submit their creations to the contest for the first time together. Coburn took multiple pictures around campus that included Bartolomeo in a variety of ballet poses.

“We decided to do a fun dance photo-shoot on-campus,” Coburn said. “It’s become kind of a yearly thing for us, like a tradition.” 

Though neither artist is a major in a fine arts discipline, the images the pair created are elegant and worthy competition for the other artists on display. 

“Sonia and I thought it was really cool idea that anyone can submit their art and have it on display,” Coburn said. 

Look for other talented student artists’ pieces at Geneseo’s 12th annual GREAT Day. Students are encouraged to visit and admire the works of their peers before and during this event, regardless of whether the student is presenting themselves.