Voices for Planned Parenthood’s annual Sexy Egg Hunt promotes safe, healthy sexual practices

Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX) and Geneseo Late Knight cohosted a Sexy Egg Hunt in the MacVittie College Union lobby on Saturday March 24. The event featured a scavenger hunt, sex toy prizes, a photo booth and carnival games. VOX and GLK also emphasized reproductive health education throughout the night. (Annalee Bainnson/Photo Editor)

Crowds of students flooded the MacVittie College Union lobby, all eager to participate in the Sexy Egg Hunt and win various types of sexual merchandise.

The event took place on Saturday March 24 and was organized and funded by Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX) and Geneseo Late Knight. There were countless prizes that one could claim, ranging from toys—such as different types of vibrators and dildos—to cock rings and lubricants. Aside from the prizes, there were also tables full of sex toys that were available for purchase. 

The lobby was decorated with pink embellishments and there were activities to participate in before the hunt. These activities included a raffle to win a massage glove as well as a photo booth and carnival games, all relating to the theme of the night.

Prior to the scavenger hunt, students split into different groups and played Kahoot—a trivia based-platform that can be accessed on any smartphone—with questions relating to sexual health. 

When the Sexy Egg Hunt began, students searched for eggs that had been placed throughout the Union containing a piece of paper listing the name of a prize. Students showed their competitive spirit during the course of the event. They brought their eggs and pieces of papers to a table where they selected a prize based on what the slips of paper said.  

VOX president sophomore Victoria Cooke played a key part in coordinating the event and shared her inspiration for such a distinct evening. 

“This is our ninth annual Sexy Egg Hunt, so it is a generational thing that has been passed down. Recently, the old president from 2010 who helped create this event contacted us on Facebook and was super excited that it’s still something that is going on,” Cooke said. “It’s something that’s supposed to be about pleasure and sex, but also about consent and about doing things safely.” 

VOX is an on-campus organization that meets every week to discuss and educate students on a variety of issues pertaining to reproductive rights, access to health care and sexual health. Cooke encouraged all students to join the club and engage with reproductive health issues. 

“We talk about reproductive justice, safe sex and consent, and that’s what we really want to spread around campus,” Cooke said. “We are really trying to expand the club and get these concepts talked about everywhere all the time.” 

Overall, the event had a huge turnout and was very successful. Practicing safe sex is an important concern for college students and events such as the annual Sexy Egg Hunt help promote safe sex practices in a fun and unusual way.