The Frugal Foodie: Refreshing frozen yogurt with fresh fruit for spring

Spring has officially sprung this week, which gives us the opportunity to eat a healthy and simple snack using in-season fruit! This recipe uses pineapple, and its bright color and tropical taste remind us that warmer weather is on the way. Pineapple frozen yogurt is the way to go with fruity foods this spring. Health-conscious college students might struggle to resist the ice cream urges during late-night study sessions, but this frozen yogurt should help. Just grab the three ingredients, follow these easy instructions and you’ll soon be enjoying this sweet snack. 



1 fresh pineapple, flesh cubed

1 single serving of yogurt, about 5.3 ounces

2-3 tablespoons of honey 



1. Slice pineapple in half and score flesh with a knife. 

Remove flesh cubes using spoon and place into blender.

2. Add honey and yogurt to blender and blend until smooth and

creamy. The amount of honey will depend on the sweetness of       your pineapple.

3. Pour into a loaf pan and freeze for 1 hour.

4. Mix the yogurt and return to the freezer. Repeat this for 

three more hours. 

5. Serve from loaf pan or transfer to hollow pineapple shell for

crafty serving