College a cappella ensembles unite in collaborative concert

The “Spring into A Cappella” Concert, which featured all five Geneseo a cappella groups, was held on Friday Feb. 23 in the Wadsworth Auditorium. Some groups also highlighted their senior members with senior songs, like Exit 8 member senior Matt Crawford (pictured above) who sang a mashup of Frank Sinatra’s  “The Way You Look Tonight” and “O Solé Mio.” (Sophie Yeomans/Asst. Copy Editor)

The lights began to dim and the feeling of anticipation spread through the air as the audience prepared to enjoy the beautiful sounds of a cappella. 

All five of Geneseo’s premier a cappella groups performed on Friday Feb. 23 in Wadsworth Auditorium for their “Spring into A Cappella” Concert.

Each group performed two songs per set, and some of the groups honored their graduating seniors who sang their senior songs. 

Between the Lines member senior Madi Murphey sang a beautiful cover of “This is Gospel” by Panic! at the Disco. Southside Boys vice president senior Kadin Fawcett sang an incredible rendition of “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant and Southside Boys president senior Patrick Hurley sang a heartbreaking cover of “Always on my Mind” by Hyannis Sound.

For his senior song, Exit 8 member senior Matthew Crawford sang exquisitely in English and Italian with a mashup of “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra and “O Solé Mio” by Il Volo that had the audience members on their feet. Exit 8 treasurer senior Madi Kemler also sang a stunning mashup of two songs by Sara Bareilles: “Kaleidoscope Heart” and “Bluebird.” 

Although no seniors were honored in their groups, Emmelodics and Hips ’n Harmony also sang four amazing songs. It was obvious by the spirited way both groups sang together that they truly loved what they were doing and one another.

Atendees of the event like history adolescent education major freshman Megan Moran loved attending the concert.

“I really enjoy going to support my peers, take in some great music on a nice night and experience all the different groups that we have on-campus and listen to different kinds of music while having fun,” Moran said.

Although appreciating the talented groups was one of the best parts of the night, a cappella is more than just performing. Each group showed consistent love and support for one another. 

Southside Boys member junior Jordan Hecht covered the vocal percussion for the all-female group Hips ’N Harmony, whose vocal percussion member was ill, exemplifying this support between the groups. 

Emmelodics member sophomore Will Blanding stressed the need for the groups to be there for each other.

“I think it is important for all the groups to come together and support one another because it enables people from different backgrounds and interests to not only present their creativity, but be validated by it,” Blanding said. “When different a cappella groups come together and support one another, we’re able to see different variations of a shared musical interest. It creates a doorway for us to critique ourselves as musicians and grow.”

The beauty of the night was shown in the friendships present within and between each group. The energetic spirit and love made the concert a memorable one. 

“It may sound a little bit corny, but friendship is the best part about being in an a cappella group. It’s kind of interesting to think that through our small common interest, I was able to make some of the most pure and amazing friendships I’ve come to know,” Blanding said. 

“When we’re performing together it’s not so much a challenge to see who’s the best group, but more so for me to present how amazing my friends truly are. When we’re onstage, I’m not scared to hear what other people think. I’m just kind of happy to be there with my family.”