Celebrity activism reflects lack of political action taken by Trump administration

In the past, celebrities have unjustly received a reputation for being strictly figureheads and not utlizing their spotlight for “good.” That being said, current public figures are fighting back against this stereotype and using their influence to evoke change on current political and social issues.

It seems that this stems from President Donald Trump and his unpopular administration. While Trump himself is a celebrity and businessman, many famous individuals have spoken out about the issues surrounding both his campaign and leadership.

These include highly respected celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Meryl Streep, Cher, Alec Baldwin, Chrissy Teigen and George Clooney, according to Harper’s Bazaar. It is vital that celebrities continue to take action against injustice.

For example, the “#MeToo” movement at the Golden Globes has highlighted the power celebrities have in effecting change and creating new standards for what is expected of public figures. Celebrities holding each other accountable and using their privilege to set an example for others is highly commendable.

Not only are celebrities putting in the time to speak out on political issues and social injustices, but they are also donating money to causes that are important to them.

Drake, a popular rapper, displayed his charitable nature by donating $50,000 to a women’s homeless shelter as well as $25,000 to an underprivileged Miami high school, according to Time Magazine.

Drake is just one example of copious celebrities who have made large donations that have greatly helped sizable groups of people.

These actions are indicative of a new age of activism—one where monetary privilege and media attention are used for the greater good of our nation. While these movements are admirable, it’s essential to note that celebrities appear to be more concerned with the country and its citizens than Trump, which is evidently a huge issue.  

In a time when there is ample frustration regarding our government and its efficiency, it is essential to look toward influential figures who will provide the support required. It is clear that celebrities are stepping up when others are not, by communicating messages of hope to U.S. citizens.