MacVittie College Union Manager serves campus community by volunteering

Business administration major senior Thomas Capuano has distinguished himself as an active member of the Geneseo community, where he performs service work and belongs to many organizations. Besides working as a College Union Manager, Capuano belongs to the fraternity Men of Action and Change. (Izzy Graziano/knights’ life editor)

Business administration major and marketing minor senior Thomas Capuano has valued the freedom that college provides, while also finding time to give back to the community.

As a Men of Action and Change brother, Capuano enjoys the variety of opportunities the service fraternity has to help others. Throughout his time in MAC, Capuano has volunteered with organizations like Save the Wall, the Teresa House and Geneseo CARES. 

Community service has always been an important part of Capuano’s life, and as early as high school he participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, during which he spent time with a child who had a troubled home life. Capuano plans to continue giving back following graduation.

“Ideally my job, when I graduate, would eventually be a job in which I can … assist people and almost make the world a better place. But if your career doesn’t do that, then it’s important to dedicate time on the side to doing that,” Capuano said. “Service has always been really important to me. I think everybody should set time aside to help others out.”

In addition to being a brother in MAC, Capuano also works as a College Union Manager. In this position, Capuano has a variety of responsibilities, including helping supervise the MacVittie College Union during evening and weekend hours, as well as helping with the orientation of student employees, employee programs and general building operations. 

Capuano was originally hesitant to apply for this position, as he was concerned about the time commitment required, and found the job title itself intimidating. After receiving the position, Capuano said he has loved the job ever since and the people with whom he works. 

“I’ve never looked back. It’s been great,” Capuano said. “I love it so much. I don’t know what I would do without this job.”  

As a College Union Manager, Capuano has dealt with a number of unique issues, including three fire drills during a single shift and helping a student who fainted in Fusion. 

“I went and called GFR and she was fine,” Capuano said. “It was crazy how quickly she turned around … that was a scary shift too and that was pretty early on when I was a manager. I feel like whenever you’re starting something new, life just likes to throw curveballs at you like that.”

While Capuano is giving back to the community and making sure Geneseo’s union and students are safe, he still finds time to read, watch “The Office,” engage in outdoor activities and travel. 

During the summer of 2017, Capuano had the chance to visit several countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. He found the trip culturally enriching and loved the opportunity to see several prominent religious monuments, including various temples like the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. 

“I think the coolest memory was the one morning we woke up at like 4 or 5 a.m. to go see one of the temples at sunrise,” Capuano said. “There’s a lake right in front of it, and as the sun comes up you can see the reflection on the lake of the temple. It was an incredible experience.”

Capuano hopes to travel more in the future and visit several countries in Europe, including the town in Italy from which his last name originates, Capua. 

In terms of post-graduation plans, Capuano isn’t quite sure where he’d like to work just yet. Originally, Capuano wanted to be an actor, but chose to study business for job security reasons. 

“It’s hard to go out for a career in acting, and business is more practical,” Capuano said. “So I decided to do business, and I’ve enjoyed it so far.”  

Whatever path Capuano takes, he’s sure to bring his values of curiosity, charitability and hospitality along the way.