Fashion week points toward upcoming spring trends

It’s been cold, snowy and dreary for far too long—so let’s start thinking about spring and all the fun clothes we will be able to wear very soon. In light of New York Fashion Week, which ran from Feb. 8 to Friday Feb. 16, we have a new season approaching—and new trends to anticipate. 

Some of the hottest spring trends for women include Americana clothing, anoraks, saturated colors and pastels, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Americana themed apparel has been popular in the past, usually during the months of May and July to commemorate Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, respectively. Women’s Wear Daily describes these fashion week looks as “a cheerful, spirited rally with tons of stripes and stars in between.”

Anoraks are also back for the season, and fashionistas are living for the versatility.

“There was definitely a huge Nineties urban vibe happening. It was expressed in different ways, but the common item was the Windbreaker/parka/anorak jacket,” Women’s Wear Daily reported. “It will be everywhere next season—from the super casual versions at Public School, to the dressier takes at Oscar de la Renta.”

Colors were also a big topic at the fashion shows. While the spring season is usually thought to have soft and delicate shades, the color movement this spring is all about the saturated, bright colors. 

“The statement was clear when it comes to the preferred spring palette: bright, saturated hues,” Women’s Wear Daily reported. 

It seems that while New York trends are directed toward the bright colors, other fashion headquarters—such as London—are still focused on pastel colors this spring, according to Women’s Wear Daily. With both types of colors in style, fashion gurus have many choices to decorate themselves with this season. 

A color that has been popular in past seasons and is back again is one that looks like the pink amoxicillin medicine we all had to drink as kids: Millennial Pink—arguably the hottest color now.

“Millennial pink is everywhere this season.” Elle Magazine reported. 

Elle Magazine also had some fashion forecasts of its own for the upcoming season. It’s time for us all to break out our rubbers—not talking about condoms. Another new spring trend that is coming is rubber synthetic fabrics. 

“You’ll never look at your mother’s dishwashing gloves the same way again, with brands taking rubberized materials and molding them into unexpectedly chic silhouettes,” Elle Magazine reported. 

An additionally interesting new trend, discussed by Elle Magazine, is the fanny pack. There has definitely been a rise in fanny pack styled attire, but this season it seems to be a hot accessory. No matter what your style is, there seems to be a fanny pack for everyone. 

Fanny packs are not only for girls. They are also a staple accessory for men’s spring apparel, according to Women’s Wear Daily. 

Men’s predicted spring trends are potentially even more interesting than women’s. Some of these new hip looks include Hawaiian shirts, high-waisted pants—yes for men—jumpsuits and a style called “Dadcore,” according to Vogue.  

“Simple sweaters, jeans, and blazers,” Vogue reported. “We coined the perfect term: dadcore.” 

This dad aesthetic has a very strong nineties vibe as well—and who doesn’t love a good nineties outfit? 

As for the Hawaiian shirts, Vogue explains that they have already had their “revival,” but that comeback will be continuing this season. 

Whether you like these fashion trends or not is your own choice. Either way, spring is right around the corner, and we all must start thinking about what outfits and aesthetics we are shooting for this season. Fashion is a way to tell the world who we are and to promote our personal brands—so make yours a good one