Dedicated performers sing themed pieces in annual musical theater show

The student-run show “MTC:Undercover” took place in Wadsworth Auditorium on Friday, Nov. 30 and Saturday Dec. 1. The cast (pictured above) sang songs following an “undercover” theme.
(Sophie Yeomans / Staff Photographer).

The audience members were definitely feeling like spies as they watched the magical singing, dancing and acting that was performed, despite the unwelcomed visitor midway through the show. Geneseo’s Musical Theatre Club performed a wonderful show on Friday Nov. 30 and Saturday Dec. 1 in Wadsworth Auditorium.

MTC shows are entirely student-run, directed and choreographed based on a theme that features a huge selection of songs from classic Broadway shows like “Chicago” while also adding songs from popular movie musicals like The Greatest Showman. This year’s theme was “MTC: Undercover.” 

“We vote on a theme as a club, so we all submit ideas and vote on our favorites,” MTC member junior Hannah Fahy said.

The high caliber of all performances was clear to the audience, and MTC member senior Sophia Genier stressed how much work really went into the show.

“The most challenging thing was definitely the late nights and learning all the moves and songs,” Genier said. “There were also so many quick changes.”

Fahy also emphasized how much time the members spend learning everything, including the show itself.

“Learning the show order was really hard,” Fahy said.

While sticking to the theme of being undercover, MTC explored various themes like being stressed in college with their rendition of Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” playing off of students studying long hours.

Many of the numbers, like “Hair” from the musical of the same name, were extremely energetic and upbeat, which was why Fahy enjoyed that number the most.

“It was so much fun, and we had so much high energy. It was great,” Fahy said.

The show also featured multiple funny skits. The comedic nature of the skits was so high that when an unwanted live bat flew onstage during a skit performed by MTC member junior Annie Levine, some audience members thought it was part of the show.

Despite the unwanted guest, Levine and the rest of MTC demonstrated the old saying that the show must always go on. The bat was even referenced during an improv skit and laughed about after it had finally left.

While there were plenty of energetic and comedic numbers, there were also more serious ones, such as “Color” from the show “Straight out of Oz.” 

Director of “Color” senior Sophie Yeomans had a vision as performers held handkerchiefs featuring all colors of the rainbow and partner danced with members of the same sex. The number was performed beautifully, and the message was inspiring. 

“My favorite number that I didn’t get to be in but wanted to was ‘Color’ because it was so good,” Genier said. 

The most inspiring parts of the show were not just those few songs that made people emotional; it was the amount of respect and love MTC members had for each other on stage.

Their opening number, “Welcome to the Renaissance” from “Something Rotten” was changed to include a small section where new members were introduced and welcomed to the club. The lyrics to “Omigod, You Guys!” from “Legally Blonde” were also changed to become a number solely for new members to express how much they enjoyed being a part of MTC and how they were an awesome new class.

For Fahy, being a part of MTC is about being with amazing friends who share the same interests.

“Being with all of my best friends. Being a really tight-knit community that sings and dances together,” Fahy said.

Genier also echoed that sentiment, emphasizing the familial aspect of MTC.

“Hanging out with my friends singing and dancing. We’re such a family. It’s so nice,” Genier said.

The incredible numbers and the obvious love for each other and what they do made the show an extreme success.