Letter to the Editor: Gun control advocates have flawed arguments

Letter to the Editor:

This letter is in response to “Country must address gun laws, anti-Semitism after synagogue shooting,” which appeared in the last edition of The Lamron. While gun control advocates have an undoubtedly noble purpose, their approaches are often flawed and based on faulty or outright manipulated statistics. 

“No other country has experienced such a spate of mass shootings” is such an example. A study from the Crime Research Prevention Center places the United States in 11th place, with developed European countries such as Norway and France with far higher rates. Gun control laws are simply not a good indicator for safety.

I am curious to ask gun control advocates what gun laws would have prevented the Pittsburgh shooting. “High capacity magazine” restrictions would not work—the killer had multiple firearms. “Universal background checks” would not work, as the killer did not have a prior criminal record. Nor would his attack be prevented by the nebulous “assault weapons ban” of 1994, as atrocities like Columbine also occurred under this law. These laws do nothing but restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens and leave them defenseless against sick individuals who do not care for morals nor our law.  

Brian Giacchetto

B.S. in Accounting on a 

Master’s Track