Letter to the Editor: Student Association President urges campus to voice critiques constructively

Editor’s Note: This letter was originally published in the Nov. 1 print edition of The Lamron. We apologize for the delay.

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing in response to The Inquiring Photographer question in last week’s The Lamron, “Why does the Geneseo administration suck?” I understand students have concerns with policies and actions taken by administration and I encourage students to address these concerns, however, in these situations, there are more constructive ways of communicating your concerns to administration. As your elected SA President, I have the privilege of working one-on-one more frequently with members of the administration as well as serving on committees that evaluate and institute such policies at the college. I can say from my three years of personal experience that the administration does not suck. I have not met one person who is trying to “run things in a way to benefit themselves as opposed to students.” I urge students to think about the information they may be missing or neglecting with regards to new or changed policies. Geneseo is lucky to have as much student representation on committees and as much say in policies as we do. The Student Association works hard to continue healthy relationships with administration so that student voices are taken seriously when issues do arise. I know from other SUNY student governments how difficult it can be for them to use even their own funds. Due to word limits, I am unable to fully express my concern with this “administration sucks” mindset, but I ask that if you do have concerns with policies or members of administration that you feel have not been addressed, reach out to me. As the SA President, elected by you, the students, I want your concerns to be addressed and I want your voices to be heard. Email me at sapres@geneseo.edu and we can work together to resolve these issues.


Corey Wilkinson ‘19

Student Association President