Student groups perform in Lederer Gallery to increase support for arts

Students displayed their various talents alongside traditional art on display at the intimate Gallery Night. This collaboration of student organizations and the art galleries took place on Nov. 14 in Brodie’s Lederer Gallery.

The show included a diverse set of performers including flute choir, Irish dance, gospel choir, Bhangra, Southside Boys, an improv group and student performers. Walls covered in paintings and homages added to the effect of being encompassed by art.

The events differed from each other in style and technique but they all radiated positivity and unity as the event continued. 

The Flute Choir, the first group to perform, started with a jazzy “Swinging Flutist” and ended with “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. After the flutes, Gospel Choir changed the pace as they sang a soulful song swaying side to side as a group.

The idea of supporting the arts is very important to art history major senior Dominique Stormes and English major sophomore Natalie Hayes, the gallery interns that put on the event. 

“I really like how involved I have become with the arts on campus,” Stormes said. “I like the responsibility of putting on events like this, and also I really enjoy installing exhibitions.” 

The diversity between the groups were meant to display the many different talents that are at Geneseo which was important to Stormes. 

“I think it’s a good way to showcase the diversity on campus,” Stormes said.

The diversity was also noticed by the performers themselves as they were able to view other performances. Freshman Gospel Choir member Cathy Grossman was thrilled to see such different groups at the same event.

“Everyone came together and shared the talents that they have been given. The passion and dedication that you see from the performers are very real,” Grossman said. “I think the effect of the show is that people can see different talents. It is amazing to watch people with talent like that.”

After Gospel Choir, Southside Boys’s performance was received well by the audience as they harmonized together singing a humorous version of “My Shiny Teeth and Me.” The Irish dancers held hands and did various whimsical numbers with out-of-this-world leg control.

Bhangra gave a modernized cultural dance with rap music mixed with more traditional music. They kept a great attitude through their dance while the club members in the audience encouraged them.

One improv group at the event played “the headphones game,” which involved two members watching an improvised scene with headphones on and then giving the scene dialogue without context. The audience laughed at the accuracy and ridiculousness of the outcome.

Exit 8 performed with a mixture of male and female singers working well together to create harmonized songs with positive attitudes coming from all members.

The event celebrated a variety of talents that live on campus. While the arts department is not what many people wish it was, those involved with the galleries hope to express how alive and well the art and performers are. 

“For me, one thing I have found during my time at Geneseo is the need to have knowledge of the arts on campus as they are not as prevalent … the audience should know the arts are still here,” Stormes said. “We have galleries and exhibitions that are always running that are available to the campus.” 

Events like these give performers the opportunity to have their talents seen and heard. Even with art being less common on campus the performers still strive to do what they do best. 

“My favorite part [of the event] is actually performing. I like singing, so the chance to perform in front of other people makes me feel as if people would want to give their time to listen to me,” Grossman said.

This celebration of art shows just how thriving the arts really are with performers that want to be heard and acknowledged.