GLK, Livingston County museum collaborate on Annual Fright Night

Geneseo Late Knight hosted their annual Fright Night at the Livingston County Museum on Friday Oct. 26. The event educated the community about Geneseo’s local history through demonstrations put on by the Reenactment Company, while adding a Halloween twist (Josie Kwan/Assoc. photo editor).

Throughout the past few weeks leading up to Halloween, there have been various events and activities hosted on campus in celebration of the holiday. 

The Annual Fright Night took place on Friday Oct. 26 at the Livingston County Historical Society and Museum—an event hosted by Geneseo Late Knight and the Reenactment Company to tell the story of Geneseo’s history while simultaneously incorporating the Halloween spirit. 

The museum was set up as a haunted house with cobwebs everywhere, as well as strobe lights and other Halloween themed decorations. Students were invited to walk through the lobby as they entered the first room, which held a fortune teller waiting to read your fortune. In the same room, there was a Civil War soldier waiting to scare the students.

The rest of the haunted house held Civil War soldiers jumping out at every twist and turn waiting to scare unsuspecting visitors. This event gave students the chance to learn more about the history of their town, while enjoying themselves and getting into the spirit of Halloween at the same time.

The Reenactment Company works to teach local history through presentations and re-enactments as well as living history demonstrations. 

Founder of the Reenactment Company senior Julian David-Drori explained that he was playing the role of Captain Simson, a captain in the Civil War. Very little is known about him as he was injured in the war and then mysteriously disappeared. 

The Livingston County Historical Society aims to preserve and educate about the history of Livingston County, according to the museum’s website. Upcoming events that the museum is hosting include the history of Geneseo’s village clock tower on Nov. 11 at 1:30 p.m. and the members and donors holiday reception on Dec. 7 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

This event allowed students to relieve their stress from midterms and to have fun while learning about Geneseo’s past. The museum was filled with students screaming and laughing as the actors jumped out, making for an unforgettable night that students will look back fondly on throughout the rest of their college experience.