Meet the Greeks: Theta Chi

Theta Chi’s Kappa Theta chapter (pictured above) is a relatively new fraternity on campus. It was started in February of 2017, but did not become recognized as a national chapter until April of 2018. They are an organization that prides themselves on serving other people (Courtesy of Thomas Wirth).

Political science major junior Thomas Wirth is the president of Theta Chi fraternity at Geneseo. He has helped grow the Kappa Theta chapter, which started in February 2017 and recently became a fully recognized national chapter at Geneseo in April 2018. 

Aside from Wirth, Theta Chi’s Executive Board consists of Vice President junior Tyler Waldriff, Vice President of Health and Safety senior Justin McGowan, Secretary senior Vincent Farruggia, Treasurer senior Mike Maher, Recruitment Chair junior Mike Disla and Marshal junior Dylan Fuhrer. 

When Wirth came to Geneseo, he knew he wanted to get involved with a fraternity.

“I knew Greek life was a great medium for making friends and forming social and professional relationships,” Wirth said. 

Upon arriving to Geneseo, however, he had his eye set on another fraternity and already had many friends in it. He was originally disappointed to find out that they were unable to take a pledge class in the spring of 2017, but when his good friend from high school Derek Marshall ‘17 contacted him about joining Theta Chi, he jumped on the idea.

“Hearing about Theta Chi’s interest in me was a classic case of ‘one door closing and another opening,’” Wirth said.

He said that helping establish a national chapter was very hard work, but he believes it has greatly improved his work ethic and has influenced other areas of his life. 

Wirth has enjoyed seeing his position in the fraternity progress. He started off as Recruitment Chair in the spring of 2017 when there were only twelve active members in the fraternity. 

By the time elections came around in November 2017, the chapter had grown to thirty members, and Wirth was nominated by former President Ryan McMillan ‘18 to become president of the chapter. At a time when Theta Chi’s main goal was to become a fully recognized chapter, Wirth succeeded in his run for president. 

Theta Chi’s motto is “An Assisting Hand,” which is a Greek translation that can be found on their coat of arms. They value helping others and believe that their members grow as individuals through helping other people. 

Since the fraternity is a relatively new chapter, they are working on annual philanthropy events and looking to partner with sororities to host local events. 

Theta Chi’s national philanthropy is The United Service Organizations, a nonprofit organization devoted to America’s military service members and their families. They believe that those who have helped society in the past should be honored in the future.

“Our nation’s military veterans have helped us all in some way, so the idea of giving back to them now and assisting with their needs fully embodies what Theta Chi stands for,” Wirth said. 

As of right now, Theta Chi does not have an official house but will be living at 80 Court St. for the following school year.  

For students who want to rush, Wirth recommends going to as many rush events as possible. In addition, students interested in joining a fraternity should try to get to know members and have conversations with them outside of rush events. 

“Getting to know members means they get to know you, so when they vote on whether or not to extend a bid they already know how you would act outside of the organization,” Wirth said.