Phi Kappa Chi

Phi Kappa Chi (pictured above) is a local fraternity at Geneseo that was founded in 1991. Known by most students as “Phi Kap”, they have two established houses and are heavily involved with Geneseo’s intramural sports leagues (Courtesy of Tim Quash).

International relations major senior Tim Quash is the president of the Phi Kappa Chi—“Phi Kap”—fraternity at Geneseo. Quash has largely influenced Phi Kap, pioneering new means of philanthropy and fundraising. 

Phi Kappa Chi was founded on Oct. 20, 1991 here at Geneseo. Phi Kap is a local organization unique to Geneseo’s campus, but their philanthropy, colors and motto are derived from the national fraternity Phi Kappa Sigma, a once active chapter here. 

Quash isn’t the only member that keeps Phi Kap intact. Their executive board consists of Vice President junior Jack Annable, Secretary junior Jonathan O’Connor, Treasurer junior Christopher Turner, New Member Educator senior Benjamin Swisher, Artifacts Chair senior Luke McQueeney and Parliamentary Chair junior Liam Gallagher.

Quash explains how he never planned to be a “frat boy” but emphasizes how much Phi Kap has influenced his Geneseo career.

“Phi Kap has changed my Geneseo experience in a major way. I never thought I would be in a fraternity because of the negative stigma that’s associated with it,” Quash said. “Phi Kap is a true brotherhood that has held me accountable academically and socially, it has taught me the true meaning of respect and most importantly how to be a leader.” 

Phi Kap’s local philanthropy is the nonprofit organization “A Call to Men,” a violence prevention organization who Quash’s uncle works very closely with which makes the cause much more sentimental. Phi Kap held a welfare event at one of their two designated homes, where an entry fee helped them raise a significant amount for their cause.

Phi Kap also recently supported their sister organization, Sigma Delta Tau, at their philanthropical event on Oct. 17 to support a sister they lost to leukemia. All of Phi Kappa Chi attended Sigma Delta Tau’s dodgeball event to raise money for the organization Jacquie Hirsch for A.L.L.

You can find Phi Kap at their two established houses located at 64 Court St.—the blue house with the huge lawn—and 86 Orchard St.—the corner house on Orchard with its notable porch.

Phi Kap also has a huge presence within Geneseo’s intramural sports league. Just recently, Phi Kap’s intramural soccer team was victorious against club soccer in a soccer tournament. It’s apparent that athleticism and a passion for sports is something crucial to Phi Kappa Chi. 

Quash highlighted what makes someone a Phi Kap and who would make a good fit within this organization so that people interested in rushing can have the optimal Geneseo experience.

“One of our main principles is unity,” Quash said. “This goal of unity within the fraternity has always been achieved through our social activities, community service events and our common bond with one another. And in over 50 years of our organization’s history we have been known to be diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, religion and interests.”