Letter to the Editor: Article on Second Chance Prom misconstrues event

Letter to the Editor:

My friends and I laughed until our stomachs hurt when we read “Branding of ‘Second Chance Prom’ takes away from event’s intended inclusivity” in the Oct. 18 issue of The Lamron. The author has clearly never attended a Pride Alliance meeting or else they would know just how ridiculous their article was. Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion, but I believe that the author completely missed the point of Second Chance Prom. In fact, just a couple pages later, there is a wonderful article titled “Second Chance Prom celebrates inclusivity, LGBTQ+ community” which communicates the idea behind Second Chance Prom much more effectively. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are celebrating identity. If the author had been to any Pride Alliance meeting leading up to Second Chance Prom, they would’ve known that the e-board actually said that everyone was invited. They specifically said that non-LGBTQ+ students, LGBTQ+ students and closeted individuals were all welcome. I highly doubt that the author even attended Second Chance Prom because if they had, they would’ve witnessed and participated in the beautiful atmosphere. Students danced, laughed and smiled constantly throughout the night. When Geneseo Late Knight announced that the event was over at 1 a.m., dozens of students were still there having fun. Who is anyone to say that students should go to “formals and date parties” instead of a GLK event? Who is anyone to speak for the entire LGBTQ+ community on campus? If anyone is that offended by the name of that event, maybe they should talk to the Pride Alliance e-board rather than write an article about how deeply offended they are about a name. In the end, it just seems silly to be upset by a catchy name when there are much bigger problems facing the LGBTQ+ community.

Hannah Fahy

English major junior with a certification in adolescent education