Second Chance Prom celebrates inclusivity, LGBTQ+ community

Positive energy coursed through the MacVittie College Union Ballroom on Saturday Oct. 13 as the annual Second Chance Prom was in full swing. The event was hosted by Geneseo Pride Alliance. 

Pride president junior Madeline Reichler explained that the event is meant to be an inclusive way to provide the prom experience to members of the campus LGBTQ+ community who may have never had the chance to go to prom based on their choice of attire or date.

“This prom is meant to be a redo, a second chance where everyone can attend exactly how they want and have a wonderful time with their friends and dates,” Reichler said.

The event was space-themed with many decorations to match. Star and alien balloons littered the floor. There were light up alien centerpieces and glow sticks provided for the guests.  Students danced, talked to their friends and seemed to enjoy themselves.

 Guests could dress exactly how they pleased without the pressure of the social norms that may have surrounded their high school dances. Some attendees dressed in traditional prom wear, while others opted for more casual clothes.  

“I hope that the students … have a lot of fun, and really have that fulfilling experience that a lot of them missed out on,” Reichler said. “Even if they had a good prom, [I hope they] just have a good time and really be in an accepting environment and feel the love of the community.” 

This event is only one of many hosted by the Pride Alliance. Pride also plans to host an event with Geneseo Late Knight in the spring called Drag Ball. Many drag performers—including students and professionals—will perform. 

Pride will also host a cultural dinner and a panel discussion later in the semester. The details for these events will be announced by the club at a later date.

 “The Pride Alliance is the cultural and community group for LGBTQ+ students and their allies on campus,” Reichler said. “We meet each week and discuss issues related to LGBTQ+ topics. We also do different events and advocacy work.”