Geneseo student body must extend respect, work with administration to receive desired transparency

One of the qualities that makes Geneseo a special place to earn a degree is the plethora of talented, intelligent and passionate students. The ability of our campus to band together and support one another, especially in the midst of tragedy or controversy, is incredible.

That being said, it is clear that our student body’s passion can sometimes be blinding and can cause roadblocks to effectively achieve the alterations on-campus that we desire. 

In wake of incidents that have caused a strong reaction on-campus over the past year, the student frustration with the Geneseo administration has become increasingly apparent.

As young adults attending this institution, it is absolutely imperative for us to have our concerns, desires and thoughts heard. It is important, however, for us as students to ensure we take purposeful, appropriate action and communicate effectively to achieve the desired results or reaction from the school. 

There is an apparent attitude among students regarding the administration that insinuates an “us” vs. “them” mindset. This is extremely dangerous and will likely not allow for productive conversations and positive outcomes for students, faculty and administration. 

While we may not agree with certain actions the administration has taken, their job is to create a safe and educational environment for us. It is in our best interest to believe that they are making decisions that align with those goals. If they are not, we can voice that, however, it is necessary to extend an attitude of respect and understanding, as their jobs are not easy; a group of progressive, social media savvy college students can definitely be hard to please.

On a college campus, students and the administration need to maintain an optimistic and understanding relationship so both entities must remain willing to compromise. 

In order to do so, students need to comprehend the policies and guidelines the administration follows. The more we push back blindly, the more we will not be taken seriously by the administration.

When news of a campus-wide issue breaks, gossip and rumors regarding that issue immediately start to spread among the student body. It is important for us as students to determine which information is truthful and that it comes from a reliable source. 

 It is often easily done, and sometimes even enjoyable, to quickly hop on the bandwagon when we hear gossip. Students discussing controversial issues with one another and with faculty without being fully educated and informed, however, will only further aggravate the administration. If our goal is to receive further transparency from campus authorities, then it does not seem productive to perpetuate rumors in order to prove we are worthy of insight on an issue.

In no way should students silence their voices or opinions when it comes to this campus and the administration. It is necessary for us to think about the way we handle situations and learn from each one so we can be in the best possible position to work with the administration and come to a solution on which we both agree.

As Geneseo students, we must empower ourselves by taking purposeful and pointed action to have our ideas heard and implemented. Holding one another accountable for educating ourselves on Geneseo policies, knowing our rights as students and being open to compromise is imperative to our success. 

We must legitimize our concerns, not through gossip, but by creating a dialogue with the administration regarding our wants and needs in a respectful and mature manner.