Student writer, traveler, photographer, directs passion toward helping others

Anthropology and communication double major sophomore Sarah Hashmi has had many experiences that distinguish her as one of the more interesting students on campus. Originally born in Islamabad, Pakistan, Hashmi—who currently resides in Manhattan, N.Y.—has also lived in Denmark and China because of her father’s career as a Pakistani diplomat. 

At just four years old, Hashmi’s first move was to Denmark, where she lived with her brother and mother. In Denmark, Hashmi witnessed the 9/11 attacks and experienced injustices after these attacks all the way across the world in Denmark.

“My mother used to wear a full body burka, and I remember after the attacks happened, my brother, mother and I were on a bus, and no one would sit next to my mother,” Hashmi said. “At the time, many people all over the world were very anti-Muslim. It was difficult for my mother because she was in a city where she knew no one, and didn’t have anyone to talk to or comfort her.”

After living in Denmark, Hashmi moved back to Pakistan before moving again to Manhattan—a place that she fondly refers to as her “home.”

“I was in first grade when I moved to New York,” Hashmi said. “It was my favorite place ever. I have really good memories from New York, I loved the energy and the people. The city is so inspiring.”

Hashmi eventually attended Beacon High School in New York. Known for its art programs, the school was what had a profound impact on Hashmi and shaped her interests in culture, writing and photography.

“Beacon High School had amazing teachers,” Hashmi said. “Attending Beacon is something that I feel changed my life. It was in the beginning of high school that I started to take photos. I had a high school teacher who taught me how to properly take them and there was a dark room in my high school that I was able to work with.”

Hashmi continues to pursue her interest in photography by taking photos for The Lamron. Additionally, her high school gave her extensive training in writing, which she applies in writing articles, including many Invasion of Privacies for The Lamron. 

Hashmi pursued her passion for writing and photography over the summer as well. She moved back to Pakistan for the summer and interned at an advertising firm called Mind Map Communications. She wrote articles, took photos and videos, managed social media accounts and conducted research for the company. 

“At the internship, I helped make a video for an advertisement for Pakistan’s national airline,” Hashmi said. “I also wrote a lot of top texts, which are captions for Instagram posts. The internship really piqued my interest for communication.”

With her experiences living in different countries and meeting people of various cultures, Hashmi’s anthropology major is a perfect fit for her. 

Additionally, Hashmi is currently a member of the Muslim Student Association’s e-board, where she does public relations. 

Hashmi hopes to get a job working at either a non-government organization or the United Nations after graduation. Specifically, she wants to help women in Pakistan facing problems with domestic abuse.

“A lot of the time, our culture can hold us back from doing better,” Hashmi said. “I just think that we could all have more empathy toward other people, because we’re part of the problem. But, I do have a lot of hope for our future."u




Anthropology and communication double major sophomore Sarah Hashmi has moved to several countries throughout the world, currently living in Manhattan, N.Y. Hashmi refined her talents for writing and photography over the summer when she had an internship at a Pakistani advertising firm. (Ellayna Fredericks/Associate Photo Editor)