Nerf Wars offers fun, friendly competition

The Kuhl Gym transformed into a battlefield of pool float barriers and foam bullets for Nerf at Geneseo on Saturday Sept. 2. 

“I’ll just win,” biology major freshman Paul Martinez said. 

The adrenaline and excitement in the room were palpable. Bullets flew, hitting arms, legs and the occasional eye. Some students even used their peers as human shields. 

The barriers around the gym were constructed out of blue, pink and green pool floats, with some stacked cardboard boxes. Nerf at Geneseo hopes that—with the funding from Geneseo Late Knight—the barriers and shields at their next event will be of higher quality. 

The night consisted of multiple games: capture the flag, Humans vs. Zombies and The Hunger Games. Students were welcome to come and go as they pleased, with enough variety in all of the events that there was something for everyone.

“It was really exciting when I hit two people in a row,” biology major freshman Hallory McBride said. “I was thrilled.”

Participants received orange headbands and could choose from a wide assortment of guns. Students were also required to sign a safety waiver to ensure that the school would not be held responsible for any injuries that might have occurred. 

“I took a dart to the knee and sat out the rest of the game,” psychology major freshman KJ Byrd said.

Nerf Wars was part of the Weeks of Welcome and allowed students interested in joining the club to experience the intensity of Geneseo Nerf. WOW continues through Sept. 17, with many other events and activities around campus.

Nerf at Geneseo hosts multiple events throughout the year, including Humans vs. Zombies, which is a week long event that takes Nerf to a whole new level. The next Nerf Wars will occur in November in the ballroom in the MacVittie College Union.

“To the people that don’t know much about it, or are too afraid because they think it’s nerdy, just give it a shot,” Nerf at Geneseo president senior Nick Maineri said. “Try it out. We’re all nice people, all welcoming and accepting.u