Knight of The Week: Audrey Reid

Senior forward Audrey Reid is a key component for the Geneseo women’s soccer team. Born in Moneta, Va., Reid grew up in Hilton, N.Y., which is about an hour away from Geneseo. She began her soccer career at the age of five. 

Reid’s interest in the sport was sparked by her father. 

“He’s always been really athletic and so I wanted to be like him,” Reid said. 

She even wears No. 9 on her jersey because it’s her dad’s lucky number. Her parents have always supported her athletic endeavors, and she is grateful for their encouragement. Though primarily a soccer player, she is a natural athlete; in addition to soccer, Reid formally played softball and basketball. 

On the field, she has helped her team win the first two games of their season against Clarkson University and St. Lawrence University; against Clarkson, Reid helped to attain all three points in the 3-0 win for Geneseo, scoring two goals and assisting the third. During the 2016-2017 season, she started in 17 games, which reflects her value to the Geneseo soccer program. 

In terms of the just beginning 2017-2018 season, Reid said she believes that the team looks very good and that she is excited to finish out her Geneseo soccer career. 

Although she has made many memories as a Knight, her favorites come from the 2014 season, when the team won the SUNYAC Championship against SUNY Cortland and when they won their NCAA Tournament first-round game against Frostburg State University.

Off the field, Reid is a Spanish education major with hopes of becoming a professor in the future. 

“Being a professor, I can still be creative with what I do instead of following standards,” she said. 

On campus, she enjoys spending time with her teammates and studying with friends in Bailey Hall. Reid also spoke about how much she enjoys connecting and bonding with her team.

 “They’re a group of people who I’ve grown to know and love throughout my college experience and it’s a really good feeling,” Reid said. 

When she’s not busy with soccer or studying, Reid also enjoys traveling. She has visited many states on the east coast and has traveled to California, Nevada and Canada. She plans to travel outside of the United States soon as well. 

Outside of soccer, Reid additionally loves to spend time with her family, run with her two dogs, cook and paint. 

“I’ll paint literally anything I can get my hands on,” she said.

Reid said she strongly believes that Geneseo has helped shape her as a person.

“I’m not who I was four years ago,” Reid said. “Coming into Geneseo, I was very one-dimensional. Since then, I think more outside of the box and I have a more open mind.” 

Though she planned to go to college in California, she ended up attending Geneseo on a whim. Through Geneseo, Reid has learned not to hold back and to go toward her goals with everything that she has.

Reid’s athletic abilities and driven mindset continue to help her go far in life. She looks forward to finishing her degree. After graduation, Reid hopes to focus on her career while still playing soccer as a part of a local club team. She is not quite sure where she will teach yet, but she is eager for the journey ahead.

Senior forward Audrey Reid is a key member of the Geneseo women’s soccer team both on and off the field. In addition to eventually becoming a professor, Reid hopes to be able to continue her soccer career on a club team. (Annalee Bainnson/Photo Editor