Affordable fall fashion tips for start of school

Back-to-school season is finally here and students have returned to campus eager to start classes and to get back into the swing of things. 

As summer dwindles down, the awkward couple weeks of mixed weather leads to much confusion when deciding what to wear. 

As the season’s change and fall fashion takes the scene, contemporary trends are emerging.

Velvet is an essential texture when transitioning to fall. Stores have branched out to include bold colors like mustard gold and baby pink. Velvet is also being used for accessories—like shoes and handbags—making it a popular pick for the season. Ditch the basic black velvet from last fall and look for bright statement-making pieces. 

Denim has always been a season staple, but the variety of styles and cuts differ from season to season. High-waisted bottoms continue to be a very popular style, but looser fitted boyfriend jeans will be seen this fall as well. Embroidered jeans and distressed jeans will also stay in style. Frayed hems and ripped knees will be a popular trend throughout the fall and into the winter season. Floral embroidery on denim has become more prominent and can easily bring an outfit to life when paired with basics.  

Sheer clothing is one of this season’s hottest trends, but can be tricky when deciding how to rock it. Oftentimes, sheer dresses and tops come with strategic paneling to cover the breast area—if not, the item can be easily layered with a chic bralette or sporty lingerie. Sheer attire has a “barely there” feel, which is comfortable and breathable when walking up the steep Geneseo hills on the way to class. 

The lace-up trend—where a tie fastens the top of a shirt—began early this summer and will undoubtedly be carried into the fall. Lace-up details can be found on virtually everything: pants, shoes, sweatshirts, tops, purses, chokers and skirts. The versatility of the lace-up trend makes it popular, as it can be subtle and work-appropriate or sexy and fitted for a night out, depending on the affair.    

As a student, it can be difficult to stay stylish on a budget, but hundreds of online stores have made it affordable and easy to do. Sites like Fashion Nova, Boohoo, Missguided and ASOS are all inexpensive stores that are always up to date with the hottest styles and latest trends.

Geneseo’s location makes it tricky to shop for affordable styles locally, so shopping online is an easy alternative that will not break the bank.u