Sexist Uber ad unacceptable, highlights company misogyny

Uber released an advertisement on Sunday Sept. 17 utilizing National Wife Day to promote its services. The ad was geared toward husbands, proclaiming, “Order on uberEATS and let your wife take a day off from the kitchen,” according to Business Insider.

This ad caused major controversy, and rightfully so. The sexist language and dated put-down regarding female domesticity are both detestable. This verbiage insinuates that a wife’s only job is to cook food for her husband and that the male in a relationship is the sole provider of economic support. 

This type of promotional ad using National Wife Day as a marketing tactic didn’t need to be offensive. The insensitive wording and lack of awareness displayed by uberEATS as an international corporation is unacceptable. 

It is, however, not Uber’s first offense when it comes to sexism or controversy. Uber’s track record makes this ad fade in comparison to a much larger issue regarding the company’s misogynistic culture.

Many women have come forward to share their stories about the sexism they faced while working at Uber. Fortune reports on Keala Lusk’s experience as an employee for Uber, stating, “Her manager refused to accept feedback … and told her she was not progressing in her career because she wore tank tops to work.”

Furthermore, ex-Uber employee Susan Fowler wrote on her personal blog that a male manager asked her to have sex with him and after reporting this to Human Resources, they claimed Fowler would have to move to another team or accept the poor review she would likely receive from this manager.

Uber clearly disregards respecting women, and this type of public-facing attitude is unforgivable. From sexual discrimination in the workplace to a sexist advertising campaign, Uber must be held accountable for their misogynistic company attitude.