Sexy Egg Hunt educates on reproductive health

GLK and Voices for Planned Parenthood hosted a sexy egg hunt highlighting the proper care for sex toys. Freshman Christina Litos and freshman Rachel Morris (pictured above) are shown helping out at the event. (Ash Dean/Photo Editor)

Egg hunts at Geneseo just got a lot more adult at Geneseo Late Knight and Voices for Planned Parenthood’s sexy Easter egg hunt on Friday March 31. The events highlighted sex toys and how to take care of them. With an almost full house, the speakers had a large audience with which to share plenty of information. 

History major freshman Victoria Cooke and biology major freshman Maddie Laforest spoke about consent, the different types of sex toys and the important cleaning information at the egg hunts. 

“Consent must be at all points affirmative and voluntary and mutual,” Laforest said. “Involving sex toys needs to incorporate a discussion with your partner beforehand.”  

After introducing a variety of materials—ranging from metal to silicone—VOX president senior Rachel Craig explained the importance of using reputable toys. 

“It is crucial to buy them with body safe materials,” Craig said. “Sex toys are regulated, so you can’t be sure of what’s in them.”

During the presentation, the girls then went on to highlight the importance of cleaning sex toys properly. Sexually transmitted diseases can be spread through sex toys, according to the Planned Parenthood website. For this reason, it is crucial to use condoms when sharing a toy and to clean them regularly. 

“Warm water and soap are good for almost anything,” Laforest said. “Boiling and putting things in the dishwasher are also good tools.” 

The event was a part of VOX’s larger goal to destigmatize sexual activity.  

“It’s an annual event,” Craig said. “It’s great because it’s so fun, and since our goal is sex positivity it’s a fun way to have a more lighthearted take on our issues.” 

When asked about the importance of educating students on sexual matters, Craig said that she felt that education empowers students when it comes to sex. 

“People may do things they aren’t comfortable with because they don’t have the vocabulary to advocate for themselves,” she said. “VOX is working to change this through their programming.”

While the egg hunt was all in good fun, VOX holds more serious meetings every Wednesday. 

“We talk about issues of reproductive justice and health,” Craig said, “And we hold events like this.” 

After the presentation, students scoured the MacVittie College Union in search for eggs. Each egg contained a small rabbit, whose color corresponded with a prize. Students rushed out of the room in a frenzy and came back triumphantly with their rabbits to claim their reward. Among the prizes given out were vibrators, dildos, anal beads, condoms and lubricant.

VOX’s meetings provide a place for students where they can learn about sex, reproductive health and current events regarding reproductive politics. For VOX, this isn’t just an Easter egg hunt—this is a way to educate Geneseo about healthy, fun sex.