Musical Theater Club dazzles audience with hilarious songs

Geneseo’s Musical Theater Club presented their biannual performance on Friday March 31 and Saturday April 1. This semester’s theme was “Lights, Camera, MTC.” (Annalee Bainnson/Assoc. Photo Editor)

The Musical Theater Club treated the Geneseo community to a dazzling performance on Friday March 31 and Saturday April 1 in Wadsworth Auditorium. The performance, “Lights, Camera, MTC,” featured scenes and skits from well-known musicals—but with a Geneseo twist. 

The show opened with two crowd favorites from the High School Musical series. “All For One” was performed by all members of the club with high energy and passion, which made it incredible to watch and “I Don’t Dance” had two groups of guys playfully joking about the similarities between baseball and dancing. 

The humorous acting and facial expressions were especially entertaining in this number, which was directed by theater major senior Brodie McPherson, biology major freshman Patrick W. Jones and MTC’s president senior Benjamin Ranalli.

“The New Girl in Town”—a song featured in the musical “Hairspray”—was a standout performance that cleverly featured the club’s female newcomers. From the colorful dresses to the percussive choreography, the audience was thoroughly impressed by this fun routine directed by McPherson, Ranalli and musical theater and communication double major sophomore Erin Burris. 

MTC’s rendition of “Cabaret’s” “Don’t Tell Mama” was particularly funny. The club’s male performers took the stage to get the audience chuckling with altered lyrics that joked about what college students tell their mothers versus what they are actually doing at school. The mastermind directors behind this number were psychology major senior Francesca DiGiorgio and MTC’s vice president senior Beth Ohman. 

The show’s second act continued the fun with “Life Outside Your Apartment,” from “Avenue Q.” MTC’s lyrics, “Life outside Geneseo” creatively conveyed students’ love for the school and the bittersweet feeling that accompanies the idea of graduation. This relatable skit was directed by communication major senior Noah Pfeifer and MTC’s treasurer junior Lisa Cento. 

Next up was the “Cell Block Tango” from “Chicago,” which introduced six sassy performers portraying “six salty celebs.” Instead of using characters from the famous musical, student directors childhood and special education major juniors Hanna Fox and Shari Bischoping and MTC’s secretary junior Danielle Comerford decided to take their own route. In this number, students told the stories of infamous celebrity break ups, such as Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and Drake and Rihanna, which made for a positive response from the audience.  

The seniors soon took the stage in a number they collaboratively directed from High School Musical. The performance was a tribute to graduation and to letting go of some of the great experiences and memories made at Geneseo, not to mention in MTC. 

Then, in a very appropriate ending, all MTC members gathered on stage for the final number: “We Go Together” from the classic musical “Grease.” Each performer donned a crazy outfit, creating a fun atmosphere. The solid vocals and lively choreography made for a spectacular closing number directed by Comerford and Ohman.  

The audience—which encompassed many MTC alumni—was left inspired by the success of the club, serving as a great representation of the levels of creativity that Geneseo students have to offer.