Knight of the Week: Nancy Nasky

Sophomore free style swimmer Nancy Nasky has proven her worth to the Geneseo Blue Wave as she continues to dominate in the pool and break records. Nasky was influenced by her brother to come to Geneseo and she looks to have a future in accounting. (Alicia Roth/Staff Photographer)

Varsity distance free-style swimmer Nancy Nasky is a sophomore accounting major here at Geneseo who has been hitting the pools competitively since just before she began seventh grade in her hometown of Brighton, NY. 

She originally began to swim because her mom wanted her to pick something to stick with. Nasky dropped dance to follow in her brother’s wake as a swimmer. 

Nasky was influenced by her brother John to come to Geneseo because she saw how well he thrived as a Knight and how much he enjoyed the school. Nasky already knew the coach she would train under, so she could prepare for his style and methods.  

“It was the path I saw myself going on,” she said.  

As a member of the Blue Wave, Nasky has made a name for herself, as she holds personal and official records. This includes a Division III time of 5:00 for the 300-meter freestyle and the 1650-yard freestyle at 17:04. These times are records in the SUNYAC conference and awarded her ninth place at nationals, giving her the coveted status as an All-American athlete.

Nasky sees her teammates as more than just co-athletes when thinking about her experience at Geneseo. The teammates are her family, according to Nasky. 

“They have taught me so much, like time management, goal orientation, determination, compassion and communication,” Nasky said.  

The other swimmers create a support system and experience for her that is indescribable, according to Nasky—and it’s a good thing that she likes the people who she swims with, considering she is in practice every day for four-five hours. 

Coupled with her dedication to her academic studies here, there is not much time left to do anything else. When she does have spare time, however, Nasky is involved with the Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development program and will soon achieve the silver status.

After graduation, she wants to go on to get her master’s degree in business administration or accounting and is looking to attend either the program at Geneseo or the one at the Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Juggling a varsity sport with its time commitments and the academic schedule of a student here at Geneseo can be a bit stressful at times. Nasky, however, would not trade it for anything and she strongly suggests it to those who don’t know what it’s like. 

Nasky is the definition of a dedicated and hardworking athlete who puts in 110 percent every time she is asked to jump in the pool. With two years left as a Geneseo Knight, Nasky looks to improve her techniques and to evolve into being the best swimmer that she can be.