Knight of the Week: Erin Cregan

Junior midfielder Erin Cregan has been a key asset to the Geneseo women’s lacrosse program. Cregan seeks to lead the women to a successful season as one of the team’s current captains. (Alicia Roth/Staff Photographer)

Junior midfielder Erin Cregan is the captain for the Geneseo women’s lacrosse team, where she brings a whole new level of dedication to the sport. Cregan is from Brighton, New York—a town outside of Rochester—and has been playing lacrosse since she was in third grade, originally starting because of her two older siblings. 

She has a brother and sister who both played the sport and sparked Cregan’s interest. After realizing her talent and proficiency in lacrosse, she dropped every other sport she was playing at the time and centered her focus on just playing lacrosse—and it’s a good thing she did. 

Fast forward to her junior year in college. Not only is Cregan the captain, but she also began her career as a Knight by starting every game of her freshman year—which she continues to do today. 

“Not every freshmen gets that opportunity and it is a once in a lifetime [experience], and I’ve started ever since,” Cregan said.  

Her favorite memories with her team come from when they get to travel to Florida during spring breaks to compete. There is still the pressure to do well and win, but “you get to enjoy the weather and it becomes kind of like a vacation,” according to Cregan. 

And speaking of her team, Cregan knows that what she does would not be possible without the support, encouragement and friendship she has gained from this group of people. Lifelong friendships with her teammates and coaches is one of the things Cregan is most thankful for.

Cregan is an early childhood education major with a math concentration. She was encouraged to come to Geneseo by her older brother, as he suggested that this school would be the right choice for him, as well. 

After graduation, Cregan plans on student teaching and getting her master’s degree. Although no specific institution has been chosen, she wants to attend one in Rochester or close to it so that she can live at home and save some money in the process—all so that she can one day become a fourth grade teacher.

When Cregan is not playing lacrosse or focused on her studies, she likes to spend time hanging out with the five other girls she lives with, working at her job as a hostess or sleeping. Cregan is actually known in her little circle for her ability to sleep. 

“I can go to sleep with the intention of being down for an hour and waking up after three,” Cregan said.

Cregan has described herself as determined, organized and motivated to get others going—being a captain requires all these things and keeps her going. 

“I want to be able to help my team in every way,” she said. 

Her people skills and talent make for the optimal athlete and teammate. Cregan is comfortable and confident in these facts. 

“I belong here; I belong on this team.”